Chief Financial Officer Malaysia

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Accounts Receivable /  Payable

▪ Ensure that Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable are in line with the targets, policies and procedures


▪ Oversee finance and accounting operations, reports, control and processes. Assure they are in line with Corporate standard, due dates and policies


▪ Ensure that all Accounting operations are in line with Corporate standard's policies and that they comply with National and International Accounting Standard and National laws▪ Ensure correct management of Treasury, in line with corporate policies and taking into account the requirements of financial institutions in order to ensure the necessary liquidity that the companies required. Optimize cash flow and minimize riks. Use corporate tool such as Cash Pool etc.
▪  Keep close contact with Corporate Finance.

Trademarks and Royalties

▪ Ensure the validity of existing agreements and manage their administration. Keep close touch with local law firm and Corporate and local M&S organization. Guarantee precise calculation and correct payments of Royalties, TAC and R&D expenses


▪ Coordinate operational and administrative improvement, automization and process improvement projects in Finance /  Controlling in order to optimize the companies operations
▪ Lead directly the own organization and indirectly the Plant and Sales Controlling  organization

Internal Audit

▪ Ensure and control the compliance of local and corporate policies and procedures through internal audit.
▪ Identify possibilities of improvement and risk factors. Implement correction and improvement. Run Task Forces when appropriate


▪ Ensure correctness of tax calculation and payments, and improve further the structure of the company to gain future tax benefits

Integration into Corporation

▪ Facilitate further integration into Continental Corporation

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Tvoj profil

Bachelor Degree in Finance and/or ACCA

Min 15 years of experience in Finance / Controlling

Experience in integration projects and project management

7 years of management experience

Preferebally experienced working abroad within APAC region

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The Business Area Tires offers the perfect tires for a wide range of different applications - from cars, trucks and buses to special vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles. Through continuous investment in Research & Development, Continental makes a major contribution to safe, cost-effective and ecologically efficient mobility. The portfolio of the Business Area Tires includes services for the tire trade and for fleet applications, as well as digital management systems for tires.

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