Manufacturing Operative - Hose Production X 7

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Position Summary

Main job functions

Carry out the following activities in order to ensure the safe, efficient and timely manufacture of quality hoses, suitable for further processing or final inspection:

  • Work within the Safe Systems of Work and complete all mandatory safety checks and documentation.
  • Build various hose types in line with the Hose Production Manual and Principles, and ensure all quality standards are met.
  • Co-ordinate the efficient use of materials to minimise waste and identify correct use of fabrics, cords, compounds and wire application.
  • Assist the crane crew in loading/unloading lathes as required.

Principle Accountabilities

Duties and Responsibilities

Health and Safety

Perform tasks in accordance with training which you have received and work in accordance with the appropriate SSOW & current Good Practice.

Maintain a good standard of housekeeping and ensure the correct use of PPE for required activities and areas.

Be safety aware - report all safety faults, incidences and unsafe practices by means of fault/ incident reporting system.

Constructively participate in safety improvements activities designed to improve the safety performance of the business.

If in doubt stop the operation/activity and report to supervision or management.

Ensure all safety checks are completed and correctly recorded prior to any operation.

Ensure the area is maintained in a clean and tidy condition.

General Housekeeping and cleaning of production/area.

Carry out the job requirements in full compliance with the code of conduct.

Support and demonstrate the ‘4 Values’ and associated ‘behaviours’ in carrying out your duties and responsibilities.

Learn and follow the safety requirements in relation to your job.

Employees are required to take reasonable care of themselves and other persons which may be affected by their acts or omissions, furthermore employees must cooperate with management and not interfere or misuse anything provided in the interest of health and safety. Employees must actively engage in the incident reporting system and highlight any shortcomings in the arrangements for health and safety and report any serious or immediate danger.

This job description does not limit your duties and you may be required to work in other parts of the business on tasks within your capabilities.


Work in accordance with departmental procedures, training and current best practice.

Ensure all input materials are within use by date and conform to the requirements of the process specification - report any defects.

If applicable, ensure good stock rotation of input materials, optimise material usage and accurately record any waste.

Complete activity in accordance with the current process specification, monitor quality and report non-conformances.

Report any deficiency in process performance, for any reason, eg equipment/materials/ documentation/process.

Ensure process and production documentation is completed clearly and accurately in accordance with process requirements.

Ensure the specified kit is available for the building process. 

Ensure all material items are within date and as specified in the building specification.

Ensure dispensed bonding agents are stored in suitable clean containers and suitably labelled & dated.

Ensure all materials are processed in accordance with product specification & building manual.

Ensure all Production/Quality Assurance data is clearly recorded on appropriate documentation/stored as per QA and departmental requirements.

Ensure all materials are as specified in the building specification in accordance with the hose building manual and current Best Practice.

Ensure the product Q/A package (route card/adhesion sample) is maintained up-to-date along with any Q/A samples.


Understand the needs and expectations of the customer and your role in achieving the departmental & business objectives.

Clearly understand your role and responsibilities within the team and collaborate and cooperate with all team members.

Communicate clearly and professionally - provide feedback through supervision.

Demonstrate a willing and flexible approach to work requirements.

Positively contribute to assisting the development of the business.

Liaise with production supervision - for schedule requirements.


Ensure good attendance and timekeeping - be available for work in accordance with the site agreement.

Liaise with supervision to establish the daily requirements and schedules.

Plan the work load, be organised in the work place, complete the task promptly and know the next task.

Check availability of materials to be able to complete the required task. Report any shortages to supervision.

Operate equipment effectively in accordance with SSOW and Process specification - report any defect to supervision.

Actively participate in identifying areas for productivity and process improvements.

Support other team members in achieving their tasks.


Report to supervision if unable to continue with task.

Assist in loading/unloading of mandrel and ensure location is secure.

Operate lathe and carriage in manual control - Including lathe bed and inch controls

Operate lathe in Auto - fabric applicator setup and control

Operate lathe in Manual/Auto - Spurl applicator setup and control

Operate lathe in Manual/Auto - Wire applicator setup and control

Arc Welder – set up and operate for range of wire gauges/applications


Building responsibilities include ensuring correct:

  • Setting up of fittings/set up lengths.
  • Application of rubber sheet, strip & sponge - lathe bed application.
  • Application fabric and cords - through the fabric applicator
  • Application/removal of spurls - spurl applicator.
  • Removal of polythene on application/monitoring reverse side of material for quality.
  • Bonding agent application.
  • Application and welding of embed and binding wire - through the wire applicator.

Ensure continuity of process through forward planning and effective and timely resourcing of materials/tooling, etc.



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Expected training period:  20 weeks


Site Induction

Manual Handling

Incident reporting systems

Non-conformance procedures

Knife training


Crane Driving Training.

Pony Truck

Building Ancillary - Team Member 3

Sponger - Team Member 4

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Naša ponuda

Competitive pension Scheme

On site gym

26 days holidays plus bank holidays(pro rata for part time and shift workers)

On site subsidized canteen  

Cycle to Work Scheme

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O nama

Dunlop Oil & Marine is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of hoses for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, for both offshore and onshore based operations.

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