Automation Engineer

Tvoji zadaci

  1. 对于区域内的电气及软件故障要分析导致故障的根本原因.

Trouble shoot and find the root-cause of all electrical/software failures.



Planning and realization of all repair and maintenance measures at production lines and entire building equipment and appliances / energy production supply incl. therefore required maintenance plans with the target of high equipment availability.


     3.配合生产工艺等部门完成工艺方面的改进, 比如新增防错装置.

Work together with production/process/quality to continuously improve the process, such as to add a new error-proofing device.



         Record all the use of electrical spare parts, make related purchase plan.



         Implement all PM plans and maintain the equipment maintenance record.



Internal calibration for the automatic dosing scales of carbon black scales, white filler scales, oil scales and polymer scales:

  •   按照内部校验频率对密炼车间自动称量投料秤进行内部校验.

             Conduct internal calibration for the automatic dosing scales.

  •    消除自动投料秤故障,确保状态良好.

             Responsible to eliminate the failures of the automatic dosing scales to guarantee they are in a good  Manner.


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Tvoj profil

  1. 教育背景:电气自动化相关专业;本科以上学历

Education :Electrical automation or related major;bachelor degree or above


       2.工作经验:从事重型设备建造或维修相关生产行业5年以上经验。 精通电气自动化相关技术知识。熟悉西门子相关软硬件以及工控软件(Step7,wincc等)编程。熟悉PLC之间的通讯及数据交换。熟悉C#编程将是一个很大得优势。

Professional Experience:>5 years of work experience in the area of heavy equipment construction or maintenance. Proficient in technical knowledge including programming related to electrical automation, such as Step7, Wincc, etc.Familiar with communication and data exchange between PLCs. With experience on C# programming will be a great plus.



Leadership experience:Communication skills ,Problem-solving abilities , Team-oriented.



Languages skills: Able to read, write and communicate in English.   


      5.计算机能力: : MS办公软件

Computer skills: MS Office related.


       6.其它: 工作态度积极,数据问题分析能力

Other:Active working attitude, data analytical skills.

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Naša ponuda

关键绩效指标Key Assessment Criteria

  • 设备综合利用率Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
  • 设备停机率Down time rate.



代理人 Deputy:


工程主管Engineering Supervisor.


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