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Leads the communication of company’s customer value proposition to the market by effectively executing the defined go-to-market strategy. Marketing Communication is at the center of the hub-and-spoke model and is responsible for gaining the input and expertise to deliver the intended awareness, consideration, trial, and repeat goals of a particular product or campaign. Marketing Communication is also tasked with elevating company brand’s equity with customers by delivering effective and compelling messaging to market.


Ensures growth across key brand dimensions including brand awareness, brand reputation, brand loyalty, sales, market share, profitability and customer acquisition through effective marketing materials, media platforms, and campaigns


Communication Strategy

▪ Lead cross-stakeholder discussions and synthesize the insights to identify brand positioning and to populate brand communication stragety.

▪ Secure input and cross stakeholder viewpoints in order to develop a robust and accurate customer Journey.

▪ Ensure all strategies and tactics are aligned in order to drive momentum of strategic brand objectives.          

 PR & Media Relations   

▪ Develop PR strategy and plan according to APAC, corporate and Global Guidelines and maintain good relationship with media.          

▪ Propose and implement public relations content and deployment that establish and enhance corporate/brand reputation and visibility

▪ Media monitoring. Issue/Crisis management to protect corporate image. Improve issue/crisis management process.

▪ Lead PR campaigns to communicate Continental Technology and improve brand buzz in the market.         

Brand Management                      

▪ Unify brand guideline, brand logo standard, brand image material guideline  

▪ Integrated all brand & product & service related key vision to easily get and use.

▪ Positioning Continental/GT/Viking in the market, make target audience profile

▪ Brand protection from logo, color, word use etc., safeguard consistent brand image throughout integrated marketing communication.

Digital Strategy & Implementation

▪ Lead media strategy, leverage O2O media & set up media matrix to build brand awareness, brand famarity and product knowledge.

▪ Work out media tactics for campaigns and long-term regular media buying (online & offline) to drive traffic for O2O channel.   

▪ Monitor media and consumer voice online and manage issue/crisis.                                                                                           

▪ Media data management, analysis and tracking to optimize TA group and increase media effectiveness.                     

Social Communication   

▪ Develop social strategy of China, adopting and contributing to APAC communication strategies. 

▪ Operate social official account and official website to increase fans and brand influence to consumers.

▪ Propose and implement social media activities to have positive interaction with netizen.               

 Creatives and PoS          

▪ Define the touch points internally and externally most effective way

▪ Maintain and Develop these medium, innovate these medium with the consumer insights

▪ Provide strategic foundation and creative direction to agencies to ensure innovation and efficiency.  

Team and project management 

▪ Manage the team resource vs. initiative planning and execution coaching and supervision  

▪ Team motivation and prioritization and coaching with the business objectives and communication objectives aligned    

▪ Make sure of implementation & buy in of stakeholders through project management     

Budget and Process Management

▪ Propose annual budget plan.

▪ Implement marketing activities in strict compliance with budget and company process.  

▪ Adapt budget plan in case of change of business scenario.    

▪ Measure Marketing efficiency through proper KPIs and install processes of continuous improvements                          

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Bachelor's degree Msc in Marketing Management Practice

Good in English and communication

Over 5 years experience in digital and social communications

Be able to lead cross functional project independently

Vendor management experience with advanced digital & social management knowledge

Over 5 years experience in project or process management

Advanced experience in cooperation with external customers and vendors

Experienced in leading new business project

Work as project leader over 3 years

Multi-international company working or cooperation experience

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