System Engineer

Náplň práce

Responsible for the System Application Engineering. 
Product Architecture Building.
System Requirements Engineering analysis.
Functional Safety assessment, verification and validation

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Profil kandidáta

System Requirements Engineering
▪ Specification and prioritization of System requirements
Functional Safety
▪ Assure the definition of safety goals and collect the evidences for compliance of the product with the safety goals.

System Architecture
▪ Identify deviations and perform feasibility of architecture/requirements during quote process and support architecture presentations at customer

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O nás

CCTC, Continental Changchun Technology Center, located on Tianqing Road of Jingyue Development Zone, Changchun City, with the area coverage of 18,886 square meters. CCTC is the largest R&D center of Continental in northern China, including the Asia R&D headquarter for speed sensors and airbag controllers.
Committed to take improving road safety as its mission, and zero death, zero injury and zero accident as its vision, Continental Changchun Technology Center always provides customers with high-quality automotive products and services. Currently more than 400 R&D talents are servicing for CCTC, with competency covering software, algorithms, hardware, electronics, mechanical et cetera and responsible for products development for China and Asian automotive markets. CCTC’s product development technology is in the leading position both in domestic and worldwide.

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