ME Engineer

Náplň práce


1.Planning and coordination of corrective and preventive maintenance

Make and review PM plan and working instruction

2.Communicate with external contractors for equipment maintenance and order spare parts

3.Continuously improve equipment reliability, take preventive action to maintain equipment in good condition

4.Troubleshoot and investigates equipment failures.

5.Install new equipment and try run

6.Routine maintenance for production and auxiliary equipment

7.Work & Cooperate project team to follow up / inspection / acceptance & do some trial for new tooling. Responsible for mandrel and jig control and management

8.Responsible for mandrel and jig / control gauge control and management

9.Planning and coordination of corrective and preventive maintenance

10.Carries out any other duties assigned by the supervisor

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Profil kandidáta

1.College degree or above with professional mechanic and electric background.

2.Above 3 years’ air and hydraulic maintenance working experience, good at troubleshooting.

3.Familiar with CAD software and Servo motor control system.

4.Familiar with hydraulic system, pneumatic system, motor, pump, etc.

5.Familiar with tooling and jig control and management process.

6.Familiar with Spare parts management.

7.Good team work spirit and strong responsibility.

8.Good English in oral, reading and writing.

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