Material process engineer


Industrialization of alternative materials and new production technologies for IFS;
Foster the effective know how transfer in cooperation with central departments;
Contact and collaboration with internal and external partners for materials strategy focused on product requirements.
▪ Functional lead of material industrialization team (optional);
▪ Facilitate know how gathering, filing and preservation for future use and support investment process;
▪ Manage, review and steer Material Industrialization projects 
▪ Cooperation with central departments and external partners for implementation of new raw materials and production technologies;
▪ Support PUR and SCM on technical discussions regarding alternate raw materials; 
▪ Foster material savings, phase-out of harzardous materials, cost improvement projects and activities according to product requirements and customer focus;
▪ Support the effective product and know how transfers, technology for manufacturing processes and troubleshooting between facilities;
▪ Keep contact with central deptartmetns on research topics;
▪ Cooperation with external partners (suppliers, universities, institutes);

▪ Organize laboratory testing on alternative materials;
▪ Evaluate and interpret results;

▪ Evaluation and approval of product and material properties during industrialization in accordance with product requirements;
▪ Foster material introduction at the facilities according to regional strategy;

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Chemist, Chemical Engineer; Engineer or correlated areas; communication skill in English it's expected

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Oferta noastră

 Experience in Project Management - Planing, Leading, Monitoring, Risk management, PVC and TPU (nice to have)    

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Despre noi

We are a leading manufacturer of technical hoses made of plastic materials, with an experience of more than 100 years in the production of hoses that are used in numerous industrial applications, including oil and gas extraction, the food industry, water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, mining, mechanical engineering, and many other fields.
Since 2019, we have been part of the Continental Group, a German multinational corporation, a leader in the automotive industry, with a turnover of about 44 billion with 250 thousand employees worldwide. 
Our organizational structure consists of about 130 production lines, 200 extruders, and 20 presses, for a daily production of around 450,000 mt per day, with approximately 500 employees in two production sites, Daverio and Varano.

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