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  • Assistance with adjustment, operation and supervision of machines according to regulations (factory data collection (FDC or TSOP), work instruction), under consideration of qualitative and punctual completion of order
  • Sets up the machine according to setting-up plan of machine
  • Quality controls according to TSOP, in case of deviation report to superior
  • Supervision of technical state and flawless function of machine
  • Commission of actions in case of technical errors and report to superior
  • Checks the safety installations, Separates material with failures
  • Performs and ensures the quality controls according to inspection plan and regulations
  • Performs and ensures the proper recording of manufacturing and testing documentation
  • Perform sand ensures the optical control on defects of the product including. marking their position
  • Separation of defective product
  • Professional dealing with resources, auxiliary, residual and operating materials
  • Supply and disposal of subassembly, pre-product, resources, auxiliary, residual and operating materials
  • Supply of tools in time
  • Compliance and seizure of procedures defined in function manual resp. IMS
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Diploma in Mechanical , Plastic . 

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Mes siūlome

1 years above working experience in a similar role within automotive industry or chemical industry.

Know about the Lean Production, 5S, PDCA.

Knowledge in polymer process as a plus. 

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Continental Surface solutions India  Pvt Ltd 

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