Engineer QMPP Production FF VED

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1.Setup, maintain and optimize the product quality and quality control system before delivery.

2.Monitor, handle and report for process control; Ensure quality standards are being met throughout the entire  production process, toward no defect, no escape to customer.

3.Monitor, handle and report for change management, product and process requalification.

4.Problem solving with  cross-function team and central quality,

5.Implement VDA process audit and product audit.

6.Lead/assistant  to coordinate  internal quality improvement project.

7.Participate in developing FMEA, CP,instruction,inspection record.

8.Drive the verfification and release process for new project to ensure the launch quality management.

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1.Bachelor degree or above, preferably in mechanical engineering.

2.At least  3 years working experience  related mechanical or quality.

3.Good knowledge in quality tool and office software.

4.Good command of written and oral English.

5.Good communication skills, team work spirit and self-awareness. 

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New HC for MKC2, preacceptance, setup, acceptance, PV build Since Q1 2023.

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