Plant SCM Manager



General Management and Strategy: 

▪ lead all supply chain activities and processes for the plant/operations unit
▪ define the plant supply chain strategy and translate into action plans based on   plant/operations unit, BU SCM and Group strategy 
▪ set plant/operations unit specific SCM standards and requirements towards external and internal contacts and ensure implementation based on BU SCM and Group standards
▪ implement and monitor BU and CT specific policies, procedures and standards for SCM 
▪ initiate and manage plant/operations unit SCM optimization measurements to improve the efficiency, reliability, and cost situation in cross-functional teams
▪ contribute to strategic, budget and operative planning of the plant/operations unit (e.g. with respect to investments, inventory, SCM costs, capacity and headcount planning)
▪ define SCM plant/operation’s unit targets and ensure the achievement under consideration of internal and external customer expectations and contribution
▪ initiate and implement continuous improvement activities by applying CBS methods and training measures 
▪ initiate and control investments for supply chain equipment (e.g. forklift trucks, AGV, warehouses)
▪ interface to segment, BU or division functions to gather local supply chain requirements, demands and other feedback. 
▪ represent the plant/operations unit towards internal and external contacts regarding SCM topics (i.e. process requirements) 
▪ initiate, participate in and/or steer local supply chain related and cross-functional projects
▪ participate actively in the activities of environmental health and safety
▪ participate in supplier selection, evaluation and development 
▪ lead change management in plant/operations unit SCM
▪ ensure compliance in plant/operations unit SCM 
▪ conduct employee dialogues, personnel development and coaching

Compliance with laws. Secures that Corporate values, guidelines and policies of Continental, ContiTech & BU BHSG are well respected in the own SCM plant organization and acts as a role model

Financial Management

▪ prepare, review and manage the budget and forecast of supply chain cost centers and all other SCM costs in cooperation with plant controlling
▪ ensure bidirectional exchange of required data with other functions (i.e. controlling, finance, sales and purchasing)
▪ implement and conduct activities according to the budget established
▪ ensure that the agreed financial goals regarding SCM cost and result are met

Production Planning and Control

▪ ensure coordination of demands/demand changes with customers together with BU SCM (depending on BU requirements)
▪ perform regular production planning and control processes (production program planning, production scheduling, production sequencing, production control and production review) in close cooperation with production function of plant/operations unit according to demand plan, production control plan, work instructions and standards
▪ execute customer service and order processing (depending on BU requirements)

Supplier Management

▪ perform supplier management as e.g. capacity management, order confirmation, follow-up to ensure delivery (performance and quality monitoring and assurance) and claim management
▪ plan, schedule and execute procurement activities as e.g. disposition (planning of inbound material) and call-offs (non and production material) as well as import activities according to standards

Logistics and Inventory Management

▪ plan and implement supply chain and logistics concepts (e.g. sourcing and delivery concept, requirements regarding flexibility of production setup and machine investments, flow and storage concept into and out of production, material transportation and provision concept) according to e.g. production control plan, layout and standards in close cooperation with manufacturing engineering function
▪ define and ensure operation of internal material handling and transportation (internal logistic) for raw materials and finished goods (semi-finished goods are excluded) according to standards and planning
▪ perform inventory and warehouse management (planning, parameter and process settings), inventory handling and operate all plant internal warehouses (not central/distribution warehouses) for raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished goods including receiving and shipping and monitor inventory
▪ execute operation with external logistic partners (e.g. third-party logistics or consignment stock, freight companies, customs brokers, etc.) according to standards
▪ manage and perform delivery to customer (e.g. transport planning, dispatch), freight management, customs clearance and packaging management according to standards
▪ participate actively in the PLC process and execute logistics planning within customer projects
▪ define plant SC master data and parameter control (e.g. lot sizes, lead times, storage information, etc.) according to standards (master data maintenance might be done centrally)

Training and Coaching

▪ ensure the availability of qualified employees for the supply chain function incl. standard succession and substitution planning in cooperation with plant HR
▪ initiate and control the continuous qualification of supply chain employees in cooperation with plant HR

Monitoring and Reporting

▪ ensure supply chain performance (KPI) monitoring and reporting (e.g. regarding cost, delivery performance, adherence to schedule, lead time, capacity utilization) in cooperation with BU SCM and plant controlling
▪ identify, prioritize and implement SC process improvements e.g. by factory layout planning, factory simulation (e.g. logistics processes, production planning and control methods) according to standards
▪ ensure supplier SCM performance monitoring in collaboration with purchasing (e.g. delivery reliability to production line of external service providers)
▪ control measures to improve supply chain performance


▪ ensure local implementation of central supply chain standards
▪ provide feedback and input for further development of standards regarding supply chain processes (e.g. production planning and control, material provision, commissioning, etc.), supply chain equipment (e.g. forklifts, warehouses, AGVs, loading equipment), supply chain IT (e.g. warehouse management tools, production planning and control tools, etc.) to segment, BU or divisional functions

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University master’s degree, preferably in supply chain management, business administration, logistics, business engineering or related discipline (depending on plant size)

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  •  5 or more years of professional experience in various supply chain and logistics functions
    ▪ cross-functional experience e.g. in engineering, quality, purchasing or CBS preferred 

  •  experience in supply chain and production processes

  •  3 or more years in a leadership position, preferably in operational units with functional or disciplinary responsibility for other individuals

  • experience in working with international teams on production topics and understanding of foreign cultures

  • proficient in minimum 2 languages, English and local language is mandatory

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Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2021, Continental generated sales of €33.8 billion and currently employs more than 190,000 people in 58 countries and markets. On October 8, 2021, the company celebrated its 150th anniversary. The ContiTech group sector develops and manufactures, for example, cross-material, environmentally friendly and intelligent products and systems for the automotive industry, railway engineering, mining, agriculture and other key industries. Guided by the vision of “smart and sustainable solutions beyond rubber,” the group sector draws on its long-standing knowledge of the industry and materials to open up new business opportunities by combining various materials with electronic components and individual services.

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