Setter CNC Specialist

Your tasks

  • Operations

* Perform and execute training planning for area setters according to the developed skill matrix.
* Carry out and execute the training plan for the setters for all machining process.
* Perform and execute the training procedure for newly entered Setters in the marked processes.
• Carry out and comply with the Flowchart of model changes, on all machining process; (Carry out each of the activities described in the Model Changes diagram, to meet the objectives of time, scrap pieces and product quality). • Provide support in rework, reprocessing, customer complaints and / or changes in specifications; ensuring to meet the requirements of the Product. (Carry out the necessary activities in re-works and / or reprocessing in machines, complying with the procedures established by the quality systems, as well as the reproducibility of possible quality defects in the machining processes).
• Participate and provide support in activities to launch new products and / or process changes (Carry out mechanical activities, change tools, and / or adjustments suggested by the IE area)
• Provide support in solving problems during the process, detected in the product and / or quality. (Participate in suggested actions in solving problems)
• Carry out the Continuous Improvement activities (reduction of time, reduction of scrap pieces) in the Model Change procedure. (Perform Improvement activities applied in model changes) • Provide technical support (feedback on dimensional adjustments, tool change activities, tooling, verification of cnc programs) to setter cncSr, full, jr.    

  • Operations    

• Apply the internal procedures of the area: 1.- Check List setter (perform the machine and / or tools review at the verification points assigned to the setter). 2.- Poka Yokes audits (perform the verification of the planner check and air check systems on the machine). 3.- Change of Tools (carry out a change of tools when it has reached the end of its life and / or has defects that sometimes scrap pieces). 4.- Maintenance Orders (generate work order for the maintenance area of ​​any failure in the machine) 5.- Production Report for operator (Carry out the corresponding filling in the production report as description of failure and / or actions remedies for stopping the same machine). 6.- Capture of information in Electronic Production Reports (cell fusion and / or Pulse Line) (perform shift opening, registration of part number, production quantities per hour and stoppage time recording in the machine). 7.- Application of the Jidoka Escalation Process (Carry out the actions to correct quality defects at the technical escalation level, as well as the registration and description of the defect, give support and follow-up to the Jidoka Process). 8.- Collection of Cards 0-100 (Make the request to the corresponding areas, of machine failures as well as of the variations of the process through the procedure 0-100). 9.-Filling the blackboard in equipment with operator (Give the operator support in the correct filling of the blackboard with respect to the total production quantities per shift). 10.- Perform Back sort procedure, in coordination with Quality Technicians (give support to quality technicians, in the segregation of suspicious material, based on the Back sort procedure). 11.- Carry informative meetings in lieu of the supervisor (provide feedback to operators, setters, dss personnel, materialists and, in general, the information on the status of the shift). 12.- Execute in time and form the Model Change Diagram (carry out the model change diagram when required on machines). 13.- Take the administration of the Model Change Process (SMED) (Keep the record of the information in reference to the model change). 14.- Perform 5's / LPA audits (apply the corresponding audits according to the schedules established in the machining area). 15.- Document and implement lessons learned to quality problems, process changes (Apply the procedure of Lessons learned in the area of ​​machining)

  • Operations

• Carry out support activities for the Production Supervisor: a) distribution of personnel to machines b) Follow up on quality problems and maintenance during the shift. c) Take feedback meeting to machining support staff. D) Verify compliance with operator procedures, full setter and jr setter.

  • Quality

• Know, understand and apply the company's quality policy
• Maintain in Statistical Process Control (Dimensions centered on the specification), the dimensions determined as "W" characteristics.
* Know and understand the company's quality policy.
* Comply with the requirements for the implementation and maintenance of the quality system.

  • Quality System

Follow the guidelines established in the Quality System, complying with the activities, responsibilities and scope of authority described in the procedures and instructions applicable to its process.
-Contribute to the compliance and monitoring of the indicators applicable to their processes.
-Ensure that the requirements of internal and external customers documented in the respective documents, procedures, instructions, certifications and / or applicable specifications in their processes are met.
-Participation in the methodology of problem solving, as well as in the definition and implementation of corrective and preventive actions applicable to their activities.
-To stop the shipment, the station and / or line in case of detecting an anomaly, non-conforming product or suspicious, according to the applicable procedures, instructions and criteria.
-Report immediately on products or processes that do not meet the customer's requirements to ensure that the non-compliant product is not sent to the customer and that all possible non-conforming products are identified and contained in the plant following the applicable escalation process ( Jidoka, reaction plan, contingency plan)
-Know and apply the Quality Policy. Product conformity:
• Ensure the conformity of the product according to the requirements of the drawings, specifications, acceptance criteria, control plans and other applicable documents.     

  •  ESH

- Inform their superiors of what abnormality (risks, dangers) found in their areas related to environmental, safety and health issues (ISO14001 / ISO45001 / ISO50001)
- Know all the risks associated with your work area, routine, non-routine and emergency activities, as well as report any incident that occurred before leaving the plant.
- Know the objectives and internal goals of the ESH systems, the ESH policy, the energy policy and participate in the fulfillment of them.
- Know the handling of chemical substances, use them safely to avoid exposure and give an adequate disposal avoiding contamination and damage to the environment, as well as an incident / accident
- Apply the efficient use of energy, avoid any waste and carry out a correct segregation of waste.
- Use ESH procedures and other applicable procedures when carrying out any activity that requires it, such as cutting and welding, work at heights, handling of chemical substances, handling of hazardous waste or any other type of work that requires prior training or certification .
* Stop the operation once a deviation that affects the operation, quality or environment is detected or reported.
* You have the authority not to carry out your work if your work area has unsafe conditions that put your physical integrity, health or the environment at risk.
Timely communication, teamwork.

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Your profile

Required Knowledge.

  • Knowledge in the preparation and adjustment of CNC machines     Advanced
  • Product knowledge                                                                            Advanced
  • Knowledge of tooling / tools for product machining                           Advanced
  • Interpretation of the drawings (tools, tooling, product, ate's)             Advanced
  • Handling of measuring instruments, gages, master (poka yokes)    Advanced 
  • Problem Solving Techniques.                                                            Basic
  • Knowledge of tool assembly (thermal, hydraulic, mechanical)         Advanced
  • Analysis in dimensional adjustments                                                Advanced
  • Cell Fusion / MES / OPM System (Electronic Production Report)    Basic
  • Knowledge in the preparation and adjustment of FELSOMAT machines. Advanced

Required Experience 

  • Education/ certification: Mechanical Engineer, Electromechanical, Mechatronic
  • Professional Experience: 3 years setter cnc Sr
  • project and/or Process Experience: Knowledge and handling of cnc machines (simunerik, okuma, Fanuc)
  • Leader Ship Experience : Personnel management, conflict resolution and leadership.


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