Market Distribution Manager


Stock Management

▪ Responsible for market stocks(units and values) management operations by having the correct stock to support the achievement of customer service level, weekly stock report are circulated by every Monday

▪ Ensure stock accuracy(physical and inventory record) and control of stock adjustments quality in eLisa

▪ Monitor stock FEFO management by service providers, submit weekly stock aging report to initiate sales actions

▪ Ensure the team provide monthly stock analysis report to identify the slow mover, shortage and work with the planning team for stock planning to make sure the inventory structure healthy


Warehouse Management

▪ Ensure RDCs operations are within the capacity parameters

▪ Monitor warehouse capacity utilization (Space, in/out-bound capacities) and take actions to emilite potential bottleneck(s)

▪ Ensure all inbound and outbound time slot are properly coordinated to minimize extra charges

▪ prepare space development through out the period for short, middle and long term based on the strategic plan

▪ Ensure warehouse processes in line with Conti standard


Service Providers (SP) Management

▪ Ensure Service Provider operations are as per contract terms and conditions.

▪ Execution/implementation of KPIs for Service Providers, organize monthly KPI and bi-weekly operation review meeting with SPs.

▪ Oversee periodic audits on Service Providers and ensure all stocks ""lost & found"" are resolved.

▪ Maintain and develop relationship model for contract logistics, knowledge retention with logistics partners for sustainable processes and quality management.


Distribution Cost Management and Analysis

▪ Ensure warehouse rental, transport and handling invoices from SPs and billings from Freight Forwarders are as per contract rate & terms.

▪ Analyze distribution model with costs and service level and propose improvements (internal / external)

▪ Ensure all outbound transport cost (customer & Inter RDC transfer) are monitored. Ensure costs are in line with agreed annual budget, monthly accrual, monthly expense forecast

▪ Preparation of Annual Distribution Budget (PE & OVCs) for RDC, monthly accrual, monthly expense forecast


Customer Deliveries

▪ Ensure tracking and monitoring systems for customer deliveries are in place and the correct stock are delivered to the customer as per customer requested delivery time frame by the SPs. Same for collection of customer returns.

▪  Ensure all delivery discrepancies are investigated and resolved in a timely manner. Reduction in Transport Damages and charge out to transporter.

▪  Correct delivery documents are used for customer deliveries and proof of deliveries are returned back to transport SPs for safekeeping in a orderly and timely manner


Import and Export

▪ Ensure customs clearance charges are as per contract terms and conditions

▪ Monitor and control imports and exports cost, incl. irregular cases and costs

▪ Keep contact with customs officials for good relationship(support for customs auditing etc.)

▪ Ensure import and export activities meet trade compliance requirements


Other specific responsibilities

▪ Support Market Logistic and Warehousing project management & execution (Central & BU Projects)

▪ Organize Warehousing & Distribution tender from time to time.

▪ Optimizing Logistics flow & processes within logistics providers in relation to warehousing, distribution, facility management. Ensure compliance to Continental audit process and SOP.

▪ Initiate continuous improvements projects, improve bottlenecks within the logistics processes or flow with logistics partners and other stakeholders as part of value creation theme.

▪ Being part of APAC Warehousing & Distribution team to work on new initiates, strategies, solution as part of process improvement or cost optimization.


People management and System

▪ Leading Distribution Team (currently 4 team members) in all aspects of strategic guidance, performance management, Personnel development, etc.

▪ Transportation management


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Qualified commercial education, preferred in Logistic area

Experience in logistics; experience with market distribution preferred, communication skills; English

Knowledge of SAP preferred

Experience in project management preferred

Experience in leading a team

Experience in international company preferred, understanding the culture diversity

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大陆集团专业开发前沿性技术与服务,以人和货物运输为着眼点,致力于打造可持续且可联动的交通方式。集团成立于 1871 年,作为一家科技企业,它负责为车辆、机器、交通及运输行业提供安全、高效、智能且经济实惠的解决方案。2022 年,大陆集团实现营收 394 亿欧元,目前在全球 57 个国家和市场地区雇用约 20 万名员工。

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