PI OTR Bias Construction Engineer

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Product Industrialization OTR Bias Construction Engineer 

Ensure the introduction, industrialization and optimization of Off-the-road (OTR) bias products and specifications in the plant with consideration for customer requirements, R&D, local quality standards and plant targets. Responsible for OTR bias tire building/construction products.

1. Production / Quality / Efficiency Improvements:

▪ Ensures Productivity - Implement processes that produce efficiently to the required output and to specification.
▪ Ensures Production Quality - Implement and maintain processes that produce products to required quality objectives.
▪ Supports root cause analysis activities in Scrap VI, CTDE, tyre weight, wheel test, yield and audits. 
▪ Ensures Equipment, Tooling & Process requirements are aligned and suitable for achieving product requirements and specifications.
▪ Product allocation & cycle optimization 
▪ Execute process related corrective actions & CI activities related to scrap, rework, tyre weight, cured tyre dimension and yield.
▪ Propose Control Plan to QM plant on new construction, materials and processes.

2. Plans / Strategy / Projects:

▪ Corrective & Contingency Plans for achieving stable and capable processes
▪ Support LEAN manufacturing principle implementation
▪ Advice to CBT2 team regarding processes
▪ Execute new or alternative raw materials/compound/products/processes/construction on time for ETO to production with consideration for the manufacturing process, quality and cost aspects
▪ Evaluation of Release Notes (RN) for new or alternative raw material/compound/process/construction

3. Agreements/Reports / Documentation:

▪ Process Performance - Report KPI's i.e. Process Excellence and Process Sustainability Audits
▪ Archived records, reports, surveys & justifications related to process trials and assessments
▪ Implement and maintain workplace specifications
▪ Regularly reporting of results of current testing and planning of further activities

4. Costs

▪ Realization of product improvement measures (PIP) for material, process and technology including standardization and consolidation.

5. Health, Safety and Environment

▪ Ensure compliance with all EHS policies & procedures
▪ Ensure good housekeeping practices
▪ Support 5S program

6. Recipe/Specification Management

▪ Inserting of recipes into equipment
▪ Maintaining of recipes
▪ Optimization of recipes
▪ Documenting of recipes
▪ Ensure the actual plant specification in correlation with GUTS system

7. Process Excellence

▪ Implement and maintain capable, efficient and stable production processes that satisfy the Process Excellence objectives.
▪ Process stability
▪ Implementation of process improvement
▪ Reduce process variation
▪ Process risk assessment with continuous improvement
▪ Owner of Process Excellence

8. New technology introduction

▪ Lead the feasibility and research activity on new process/equipment evaluation for bias construction
▪ Plant subject matter expert for global technology/process development on bias construction topic
▪ Ensuring the introduction and industrialization activity on new process/equipment fulfill all minimum/customer requirement

9. CST Manufacturing/R&D support

▪ Provide support to R&D on product request/demand/construction/technological development
▪ Provide support to CST Manufacturing on (regional) external site communication/coordination 

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지원자 프로필

B.Eng. (Mechanical/Chemical/Polymer/Rubber/Manufacturing/Process)
BSc. (Chemistry/Applied Science) 

1-3 years experience in manufacturing environment preferably in tyre/rubber/polymer/automotive/R&D sectors.

1 year involvement in project management or equivalent as added advantage


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PJ CST plant is an ever-growing and developing commercial specialty tire manufacturer for worldwide Off-the-road application with fast-paced and challenging work environment

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기업 소개

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2021, Continental generated sales of €33.8 billion and currently employs more than 190,000 people in 58 countries and markets. On October 8, 2021, the company celebrated its 150th anniversary.

With its premium portfolio in the car, truck, bus, two-wheel and specialty tire segment, the Tires group sector stands for innovative solutions in tire technology. Intelligent products and services related to tires and the promotion of sustainability complete the product portfolio. For specialist dealers and fleet management, Tires offers digital tire monitoring and tire management systems, in addition to other services, with the aim of keeping fleets mobile and increasing their efficiency. With its tires, Continental makes a significant contribution to safe, efficient and environmentally friendly mobility. 

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