Cybersecurity Tester intern (IDA: 2024-00051)


•    Identify & establish project specific security & privacy verification & validation measures such as weak points in Vehicle functions and new attack vectors.
•    Collect information about SUT (System Under Test) e.g., end users, interfaces, used application.
•    Execute the testing activities in accordance with the security & privacy lifecycle.
•    Plan and create penetration methods, scripts, and tests.
•    Report the progress of the ongoing tasks to relevant project team (e.g., Technical Project Lead, Test Manager, S&P Manager)
•    Establishes and configures relevant test tools for requirement-based testing, experience-based testing, and fuzz testing.
•    Execute automated test sequence using previously defined test cases.
•    Monitor & evaluate system behavior such as how the SUT (System Under Test) responds to various attempts of intrusion.
•    Generate Fuzzed data using mutation, generation, or protocol-based methods.
•    Deploy cyber-attack in a simulated and controlled environment in order to take control & extract data out of SUT (System Under Test)
•    Create test report including list of identified vulnerabilities, details of each step taken to infiltrate the SUT (System Under Test) and suggestions for security fixes.

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•    Basic understanding of Cybersecurity attributes
•    Basic understanding of Cryptography
•    Basic knowledge of Networking protocol
•    Knowledge of Product Security in Electronics and Embedded System/IoT will be an added advantage (such as Secure Boot, Secure Diagnostic, Secure JTAG)
•    Good programming knowledge in one or more programming languages – Python, C++, C / C# programming and CAPL.
•    Familiar with common hacking frameworks (e.g., Kali Linux, Metasploit, etc.)
•    Ability to work in international teams and with international customers.
•    You are pro-active, self-motivated and a good team player.
•    Good verbal and written communication skills

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