Line leader


Promote Quality First and the culture of improvement on the production floor, encourage and challenge the participation of employees in continuous improvement processes. 2.Proactively promote lessons learned and the exchange of best practices. 3. Ensure the implementation of Quality standards and apply quality methods to increase quality performance. 4.Support the systematic implementation of CBS (Continental Business System) methods and tools. 5. Implementation and implementation of improvement measures for the continuous reduction of manufacturing costs and process improvement.

6.Use the results of the audits and quality reviews (internal, external, 5s,...) to configure sustainable optimizations and ensure their implementation. 7. Motivate and support employees to share their ideas for improvement, example using the CIM (Continental Idea Management) system or CSP cost savings programs 1.Support to establish the link between the Objectives and Strategy Plant and the production floor with the support of operation units production management team (shared responsibility). 2. Show or presence on the production floor and act as a role model and coach for floor employees (full responsibility). 3. Allows for a healthy, values-based leadership culture

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Educational based on local regulations (for example, Highly Skilled Operators or Technicians with several years of work experience or Certified Master Worker) Preferably finished high school. Several years of work experience in Plant operations, ideally in various areas, eg Quality, Production, Manufacturing Engineering, etc. (2 years minimum). Ideally, you have gained a first experience in leadership, for example, through the coordination of work teams.  

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The position is characterized by being granted the responsibility of leading, directing and coordinating a group of defined people performing a job operating or serving within operating units in a production plant. The recommended drift of control is approximately 20 direct reporting positions.

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