Application Quality Engineer


Evaluate and report quality status and reporting for develop a new project

  • Participate in the early stage of the project to identify the special requirements of customers for products;
  • Organize function team to finish quality status for developing a new project

Creation and implementation of a QM-Plan including QM elements and quality standards in the project schedule.

  • Create Quality Planning for a development project
  • Make PPAP&ISIR or other similar documents preparation planning, according to the customer and submit PPAP documents in a project team in a timely manner;
  • Supports the measurement of the effectivness of PLC process
  • Participation in relevant steering committee meetings, DV/PV coordination meetings, Gate review & Q-Hurdle unlocking (preparation) meetings, risk management meetings
  • Using PDCA concept continues to push production line continuous improvement during project development;
  • The products before the SOP for production line and process to conduct a comprehensive audit;
  • The product planning process validation, preparation of the control plan audit corresponding test report;
  • Organize relate customer meetings, audits & visits and gets involved in case of critical situations and escalations, follow up the effect of the improvement action;

Distribution and application of Lessons Learned (project related) across organization.

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Mechanical engineering, bachelor degree or above, major in automation engineering or related;

More than 3 years working experience in automotive plant quality, mechanical components;

Be familiar with IATF16949, Formel Q, SPC, MSA, APQP, PPAP, 8 d, FMEA;

Good English oral communication ability, can the independent reading relevant English industry standards, customer standards

Skillfully use all kinds of office software;

Strict with themselves, proactive, result oriented;

Strong business analysis and organization and coordination communication ability, good judgement and reaction speed;

With the quality of systems thinking, able to work under pressure and tension of the environment;

Negotiation experience is preferred.

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