Product and Process Industrialization (PPI) Manager SSL Changshu


Financial Management                        

▪ prepare, review and manage the budget and forecast of product and process industrialization cost centers

▪ ensure timely submission of financial data to controlling

▪ implement and conduct activities according to the budget established

▪ ensure that the financial goals are met                                                                        

Product Industrialization Management & Process Industrialization Management

▪ manage product specific ramp-up or change projects (e.g. team setup, interfacing to business/customer organization, project planning and control, etc.) for e.g. new products, new materials, new equipment or new/relocated production processes according to standards

▪ update product specific production specifications (i.e. production process characteristics and parameters) according to standards

▪ update product specific production flow chart, production control plan (in close cooperation with Quality) and work instructions (pre-series, series) according to standards provided by (central) R&D and application engineering

▪ perform product specific testing and start-up of production process and pre-series production (e.g. ensure run@rate) and handover to production (series) according to standards

▪ update of product specific process FMEA according to local conditions and standards

▪ support product specific customer releases (PPAP, e.g. for initial series process or after product or process changes incl. initial sample test report, etc.) according to standards (e.g. trigger matrix)                                                                

Product and Process Improvement

▪ identify and implement product optimization potential (e.g. raw material replacement) in running articles in alignment with central (segment, BU) product development or similar function according to standards

▪ solve proactively quality issues regarding customer complaints and reject rate (in close cooperation with Quality) according to standards

▪ identify and implement technical production processes optimization potential regarding quality, efficiency and capability (i.e. process parameters as e.g. extrusion speed, vulcanization time, cutting speed, etc.) according to standards                                                                        

Training and Coaching                        

▪ ensure the availability of qualified employees for the product and process industrialization function in cooperation with plant HR

▪ initiate and control the continuous qualification of product and process industrialization employees in cooperation with plant HR                                                   

Monitoring and Reporting                        

▪ ensure product and process industrialization performance (KPI) monitoring and reporting (e.g. regarding cost, lead time, quality of product and process industrialization activities such as ramp-up projects)

▪ initiate and control measures to improve product and process industrialization performance                                                                        


▪ ensure local implementation of central product and process industrialization standards

▪ provide feedback and input for further development of standards regarding product and process industrialization processes (e.g. definition of production parameters, production flow plans, production control plans and work instructions, etc.), product and process industrialization IT tools (e.g. FMEA software) to segment, BU or BA functions   

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▪ university degree, preferably in mechanical/manufacturing engineering, chemistry or related discipline (depending on plant size)                                    
▪ 5 or more years of professional experience in various process engineering functions
▪ cross functional experience e.g. in engineering, quality, production or CBS preferred                           
▪ comprehensive experience in rubber and plastic production processes and ramp-up projects                                    
▪ 3 or more years in a leadership position, preferably in a technical team with functional and disciplinary responsibility for other individuals                                    
▪ experience in working with international teams on production topics and understanding of foreign cultures
▪ proficient in minimum 2 languages, English or German is mandatory 

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