Project Manager


Managing Customer Acquisition and Application Projects of Segment ESS (PLC >G10 til G90) as well as managing other projects within ESS like Base Development (PLC til G10), Cost Reduction (PLC >G70) and comparable other projects with full responsibility for products, timing, and profitability
▪ Supervising team members - Standard Team as well as Extended Team
▪ Organize, document and track regular team meetings
▪ Define and realize solutions together with the team - especially when negative deviations from project targets appear
▪ Managing project work with customer - having regular meetings with customer together with team members and being the main interface regarding decisions
▪ Creates the project plan (scope of project) and updates when needed and communicate to all involved parties as the common basis
▪ Create and track project schedule (top/down as well as buttom/up)  including final team commitment
▪ Updating scheduling depending on various changes and continuous maintanance
▪ Ensure fullfilment of milestone targets (PLC releases) in time
▪ Ensure customer milestones (e.g. development and sample deliveries milestones in-time)▪ Leading change management on project level
▪ Strict management of changes from request to realization or rejection
▪ Tracking Change Requests to ensure decision and implementation in time
▪ Role as "Change Manager Project"▪ Set up initial project budget (PAR) and profitabilty (PCIS)
▪ Ensure regular FC and define countermeasures to fullfil project targets when needed
▪ Set up modifications of budget and profitability when changes were decided
▪ Full responsibility for profitability influenced by team itself (e.g. material cost, cycle times etc.) and in charge to report deviations from outside the project (e.g. OH and FX rates, allocations etc.)▪ Prepare regular project reporting
▪ Leads escalation when ever needed
▪ Defines Key Performance Indicators to controll the success of the project (material cost, scrap rates, delay of milestones etc.)
▪ Leading the risk management of the project





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