Process Quality Engineer


1. Management of the quality inspectors group within the shift, including hiring, training, tasks assignment and performance management.

2. Collaborates in Q-projects to improve product and process quality.

3. Elaborates quality reports, statistics and capacity studies (CPK's).

4. Coordination of internal containment actions in case of customer failures, Document, make analysis, and assesses complaints from customer and warranty claims.

5. Supports quality control and assurance for existing and new products.

6. Identify and record any problem related to the products and processes.

7. Establishes and keeping quality inspection records in files, perfome product audits and inspections.

8. Monitors non-conforming material through the process, as well as its identification and the time used on reworking and sorting.

9. Supports the implementation of corporate and divisional procedures.

10. Support to the quality management systems and purchasing quality group.

11. Coordination of level I audits done by process auditors.

12. Participation in Level II Audits and follow-up on compliance with them.

13. Document PPAP's for FG product as required by customers.

14. Audits coordination for finished product.

15. Analysis and Solution of Process Problems support.

16. Develop and update continuous process control plans.



Skilled in creating and interpreting capability evaluations regarding measurement systems, machines, and processes.

Skilled in using standard SPC tools.

Ensure quality compliance to standard, quality test availability and personnel competence.

Thinking / strategic actions, Customer orientation Initiative, Conflict management, Ambition to be leader, Ability to motivate / encourage others.



Directly to the PQM Leader and indirectly to PQM Manager 

Deliverables: FPY,OEE,PPM,




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