Pollution Control Officer/ Safety Officer


1) Revenue: a) Assure best Quality of the manufactured products for satisfaction of Continental customers and support the achievement of the revenue target.
2) Profit: a)Carry out the legal requirements of maintaining a reasonable quality of environment.
3) Strategy/Planning: a) Implement Quality strategy to achieve the targets aligned with Company goals and objectives b) Identify projects that will impact the achievement of KPI's. c) Planning and tracking of production quality goals and tasks. d) Coordinates agreement for the quality tools and methods for continuous improvement of the plant through the segments.
4) New Business/Product/Technology a) Ensure that the process and machine qualification systems is working and implemented. b) Ensure effective implementation of safe-launch activities. c) Make certain that flawless ramp down activities are executed for end of Life production. d) Assure business continuity thru robust Quality process applying New technology and techniques. e) Be abreast on New technologies related to Quality topics.
5) Quality/Productivity: a)Make use of Continental Quality System to assure all related processes meets the requirements of International Standards and Customer, and improving the system whenever necessary in a lean approach. b) Ensure that process and product audits are correctly executed and feedback to the system for continuous improvement. c) Ensure effective use of quality tools, processes and systems to support customer quality requirements. d) Joins the team that does proactive review of process control data to determine potential risks on the product. e) Validates and measure effectiveness of Jidoka implementation through audits, data analysis and reports for continuous improvement f) Attend to the completion of the requirements including the application and securing of necessary pollution permits and renewal thereof.
6) External/Internal Relation: a) Links the Department of Environment and Natural resources, local government agencies to the organization. b) Know and understand the legal laws and requirements covering the PCO tasks and responsibilities. c) Together with the Managing Head, ensure compliance with the requirements of different legal requirements, their respective implementing rules and regulations and other pertinent rules and regulations. d) Shall furnish the requesting government agencies reports for consolidation and documentation of the Plant.
7) Talent Development: a) Uphold the Skill Needs Assessment (SNA) to achieve the desired competency level b) Coach the FMEA and Jidoka teams regarding systems implementation to prevent production related issues. c) Identify systems trainings & certification requirements and provide opportunities for development.
8) Organization Building/Support: a) Communicate and escalate any environmental systems related issues, organize lessons learned and promote environmental protection mindset in the whole organization b) Maintain and implement effective quality solutions to meet legal and customer requirements related to environment. c) Actively participate on Environmental programs like Environmental Day, Energy Day, Quality Basic Training, Quality Awards d) Execute Audits (ESH linewalk , LPA/5K) to check compliance to environmental requirements.
9) Environment/CSR: a)Promote Core Values and Malasakit culture through active involvement in Company activities b) Initiate Malasakit activities cz0 Participate in Human Relations in their CSR and GWP activities
10) Others: a) Perform other tasks that may be assigned by the Supervisor

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Education/Certification: Filipino citizen, of legal age, physically and mentally healthy. Bachelor Science of Engineering: Electrical, Electronics and Communications, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, Computer, Materials Professional Experience: a) Preferably, two years experience as a PCO b) Knowledgeable in Quality Management System
Project and/or Process Experience: a) Experience in electronics and manufacturing processes. b) Project and problem resolution experience
Leadership Experience: a) Experience in handling people.
b) Capable in handling and communicating with customers
Intercultural/International Experience: Experience in working with people of different cultures

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