Process set up planning


Taking orders for samples, securing material, planning production, supervising the fulfillment of the planned production of samples and pre-production parts and sending them to the customer.

Records of requirements (Musterauftrag) for the production of samples, PPAP and pre-series parts.

Processing of the order agenda, provision of material for the production of samples, PPAP and pre-series parts. 

Operational monitoring and coordination of the production process of samples, PPAP and pre-series parts by pre-series workers as well as with external suppliers.

Realization of orders for the pre-production department, their creation in SAP, written communication with the orderer, customer and suppliers of materials and external services and with the sales department.

Monitoring and evaluating the fulfillment of material delivery dates and external services.

Monitoring and fulfillment of deadlines and quantities of delivered samples, PPAP and pre-series parts to the contractor or to the customer.

Processing and archiving data on stored samples, pre-series parts and pre-series materials.

Entering and updating logistics data in SAP.

Cooperation in resolving complaints about supplied materials, external services or deliveries to the customer.

Supervision of the correct packaging of shipped samples, PPAP parts and pre-series parts to the contractor or to the customer.

Submission of all relevant data and documentation for the smooth transfer of pre-series production to the series production phase.

Coordination of invoicing for the production of samples, PPAP parts, pre-series parts.

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Slovak language, English language - advanced

complete secondary education - technical direction

working with Microsoft Office - advanced,

woriking with SAP, CEOS

work organization (within the function),

analytical thinking,



resistance to stress,


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