Maintenance Engineer


1. 负责芯棒、夹具和/控制夹具的管理控制。

Responsible for mandrel and jig / control gauge control and management

2. 协助、配合项目组对新项目的相关模具的跟进、检验、验收和测试。

Work & Cooperate project team to follow up / inspection / acceptance & do some trial for new tooling. Responsible for mandrel and jig control and management

3. 生产设备和辅助设备的日常维护。

Routine maintenance for production and auxiliary equipment

4. 安装新设备并试运行。

Install new equipment and try run

5. 故障检修和调查设备故障原因。

Troubleshoot and investigates equipment failures.

6. 持续提高设备的可靠性,采取保护措施包车设备处于良好状态。

Continuously improve equipment reliability, take preventive action to maintain equipment in good condition

7. 与外协供应商沟通维护设备问题与订购备件。

Communicate with external contractors for equipment maintenance and order spare parts

8. 制定和检查PM计划表和工作说明。

Make and review PM plan and working instruction

9. 计划和协调纠正性和预防性维护。

Planning and coordination of corrective and preventive maintenance

10. 主管指派的其他任务

Carries out any other duties assigned by the supervisor

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1. 拥有大学或以上文凭,机械或电子相关专业。

College degree or above with professional mechanic and electric background.

2. 3年以上电子维护工作经验,擅于发现并修理机器故障。

Above 3 years’ electrical maintenance working experience, good at troubleshooting.

3. 熟悉PLC(可编程控制器)程序设计和伺服电动机控制系统。

Familiar with PLC programming and Servo motor control system.

4. 熟悉液压系统,气动系统,电机,泵等。

Familiar with hydraulic system, pneumatic system, motor, pump, etc.

5. 熟悉模具和夹具的控制和管理过程。

Familiar with tooling and jig control and management process.

6. 熟悉AutoCAD或Pro-E等软件。

Familiar with AutoCAD or Pro-E etc software.

7. 良好的团队合作精神和强烈的责任心。

Good team work spirit and strong responsibility.

8. 良好的英语说,读,写能力。

Good English in oral, reading and writing.

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