Operation Digitalization Project Engineer


Operation Digitalization & Smart factory use cases and applications

▪ work with plant team including ME team to identify & follow-up on digitalization applications and use cases in smart factory
▪ definition and harmonization of smart factory requirements together with stakeholders
▪ definition of digital use case goals and benefits related to plant requirements
▪ implementation of digital use cases related to defined requirements
▪ documentation of digital use cases and their specific results

Project Management

▪ plan, execute and participate in agile project mangement projects
▪ participate in BCZ projects and contribute to strategic OT targets
▪ prepare budget and forecast for smart factory and analytics projects in BCZ
▪ report project status, goals and execution to stakeholder
▪ ensure work packages and project goals within agile projects

ME process and Machine Standardization

▪ enrich existing process and machine standards with inputs from analytics, it's results and potentials 
▪ provide feedback and input for further development of standards regarding manufacturing engineering

Mandatory for all: Quality First, Safety Always

▪ Act and compel colleagues to behave as ambassadors for Quality and Safety
▪ Be dedicated to maximizing internal & external customer satisfaction by demonstrating ownership, dedication towards ensuring high-quality results and process-orientation 
▪ Owning the quality of all outputs in the dedicated responsibility area as process member or process owner
▪ Strive for “Zero Incidents” and “Zero Accidents” by demonstrating ownership and acting as a role model for a safe environment

Mandatory for all:  Sustainability 

▪ Act and inspire colleagues to challenge the status quo in order to create sustainable solutions
▪ Innovate and/or create solutions to support our corporate sustanability strategy 
▪ Respect CT standards and targets for sustainability

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Education / Certification

▪ university degree, preferably in industrial engineering, IT or related discipline
▪ Knowedge in Low Code Application Development Platform (CLAP), RPA or other Java.. etc programming
▪ Knowledge in Microsoft 365 tools, such as PowerBI, Lists, PowerApps preferable

▪ PMP certificates is preferred

Professional Experience
(Variety of Functions, Variety of Business, General Management Experience)

▪ 5 or more years of experience of working in plant environment
▪ 5 or more years of experience in manufacturing, preferable in more than one functional areas, e.g. IE, quality, operations, etc. 

Project and/or Process Experience

▪ practical experience in project management as team member or PM
▪ experience in continuous improvement projects/ IT projects/ software development projects
▪ preferable experience with agile project management

Intercultural / International  Experience

▪ experience in working with international teams on digital topics and understanding of foreign cultures
▪ proficient in minimum 2 languages (English is mandatory,)

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  • Tool Knowledge with Continental standard BI, Analytics tools (such as KNIME, PowerBI), Microsoft 365 (Lists, PowerApp, etc)
  • Knowedge with Low Code Application Development Platform (CLAP), RPA or other low-code tools or Java or .net programming langruages
  • Fluent English & Intercultural sensitivity 
  • Communication techniques (incl. presentation, change management)
  • Project management skills, tools especially agile approaches
  • CBS principles, methods and tools (e.g. production management system) 
  • Future technologies, Industry 4.0 applications, smart factory related technologies and system understanding persuasion / ability to empathy
  • Problem solving and decision making tools and techniques

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大陆集团专业开发前沿性技术与服务,以人和货物运输为着眼点,致力于打造可持续且可联动的交通方式。集团成立于 1871 年,作为一家科技企业,它负责为车辆、机器、交通及运输行业提供安全、高效、智能且经济实惠的解决方案。2022 年,大陆集团实现营收 394 亿欧元,目前在全球 57 个国家和市场地区雇用约 20 万名员工。

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2022, Continental generated sales of €39.4 billion and currently employs around 200,000 people in 57 countries and markets.

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