CN_Import and Export Specialist


Ensure all imports and export for tire business, Maintaining correct shipment arrival dates in the system, prepare all kinds of importing related documents.


Imports and Export

▪ Document preparation for Customs clearance application.

▪ Coordinating payment processes of Customs Duty and VAT

▪ Payment preparation for intercompany accounts (Foreign currency)

▪ Points out special logistics requirements and needs of the market/region to adapt the changes needed (in alignment with the central Supply Chain Planner) 


System maintenance

▪ Maintain filing system of all the related documents and track the status of the cargo from the departure up to the final destination

▪ Maintaining correct arrival dates of shipment into SAP system

▪ System development/improvement as requested 


Label management

▪  Label tracking (order, stock and shortage...)

▪  KPI measurement and improvement for further action/plan

▪  Auto-labelling and RFID management (solution/operation follow-up)


 Service provider monitoring

▪ Monthly payment check and payment request. 

▪ KPI review and improvement for the service providers 


 Tire Tracking management

▪ Database tracking, collection and maintenance.

▪ Scan result vs database accuracy analysis and KPI measurement/adjustment

▪ EDI connection/further improvement as project requested


Dashboard and data analyze

▪  Collect, clean and analyze large volumes of data from various sources, ensuring data accuracy and integrity

▪  Utilize data visualization tools to create intuitive dashboards and reports for internal teams                                                          

▪  Accrue and Budget estimation/calculation/setting/analysis on both of cost and service levels (review and action)



▪ Fulfill the tasks assigned by Department head when needed

▪ Place purchase order in CEOS

▪ Understand the warehouse and transportation process, assist the daily management of warehouse and transportation, such as: DOT maintenance, etc.

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Bachelor degree in logistics and trading are preferred

Import and export knowledge

SAP system familiarity and excel skill needed

Supply chain knowledge

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大陆集团专业开发前沿性技术与服务,以人和货物运输为着眼点,致力于打造可持续且可联动的交通方式。集团成立于 1871 年,作为一家科技企业,它负责为车辆、机器、交通及运输行业提供安全、高效、智能且经济实惠的解决方案。2022 年,大陆集团实现营收 394 亿欧元,目前在全球 57 个国家和市场地区雇用约 20 万名员工。

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