PI Material Engineer


▪ Industrialize new materials, new compounds, new cure spec and new technologies into production 

▪ Ensure close working interface as business partner between plant and R&D 

▪ Support to maintain SOP materials & compounds

▪ Strategic Planning:

  • Assess plant readiness based on future R&D requirements (invest, capacity, and capability)
  • Drive processes to get the plant be ready for future R&D requirements

▪ 3-4-1 concept and Business team:

  • Drive the 3-4-1 concept within the plant
  • Promote teamwork and efficient distribution of tasks within 3-4-1 & business team concept 

▪ R&D Partner:

  • Build up a thorough understanding of R&D processes within the plant organization
  • Keep open & honest communication between R&D and the plant  as a main technical interface 

▪ Product:

  • Support planning & manufacturing of Experimental Tire Order
  • Promote & execute industrialization of new materials, new compounds, new cure spec and new technologies 
  • Offer technical alternatives to improve process capabilities, cost, minimized rework/scrap
  • Support to maintain SOP materials , compounds & cure specs
  • Supervise & manage projects related to industrialization & continuous improvement 
  • Initiate Value Leadership measures to improve the direct material & process costs

▪ ESH:

  • Ensure implementation of measures and maintain controls
  • Raise awareness and provide information about ESH responsibilities and duties
  • Ensure immediate notification and response, and initiate preventive measures in case of unsafe or polluting hazards
  • Demonstrate exemplary personal behavior in ESH and motivate others
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Required Experience:


  • University Degree/ Bachelor in Chemical or Polymer Engineering or similar
  • Basic Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint) required
  • Advanced English, education in rubber and / or polymer technology and processing is highly welcome

Professional Experience:

  • Experience in rubber business is preferred
  • The will to acquire experience in rubber business is valid as well

Project / Process Experience:

  • Experience in the processing of polymer materials would be useful, but not mandatory, interest in that field of work is more important
  • Basics of project management would be useful.
  • Can be learned in Continental.

Leadership Experience:

  • No leadership experience required.
  • Has to show a strong drive for self-improvement, willingness to learn and develop and must be capable of challenging existing paradigms.

Intercultural / International Experience:

  •  Has demonstrated intercultural sensitivity and inclusive behavior. Has worked and lived abroad / in another culture (recommended).
    Is willing to travel internationally
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