Project Manager


Project Defintion & Planning:

▪ Define project objectives (financial, scheduling and quality goals)
▪ Selecting and negotiating project (core) team members in conjunction with the line management 
▪ Establish adequate project organization (meeting structure, information/ knowledge exchange, documentation, archiving)
▪ Setup an initial project plan in accordance with the valid processes (phases, deliverables, milestones/ Q-Gates, etc.)
▪ Ensure compliance to valid processes.

Steering of the project:

'▪ Track the project progress, define corrective measures if deviating form the plan 
▪ Control the usage of the released project budget and project resources per approved project plan 
▪ Decide and Report the overall project status in accordance with the financial and quality KPIs supported by a valid  tool and process set 
▪ Install and perform professional change management 
▪ Perform opportunity & risk assessment, control and steer the implementation of opportunity & risk measures 
▪ Escalate issues if neceesary 
▪ Ensure that all project objectives are met in the required quality

Representation of project: 
'▪ Representation of project in customer (internal/external) meetings 
▪ Representation of project-interests in supplier meetings 
▪ Based on professional, well documented change management negociate changes and claims with the customer and with suppliers 
▪ Protect confidentiallity of project data 

Team & Stakeholdermgmgt.

▪ He leads the team members functionally
▪ Actively manage stakeholder expectations, inform and involve stakeholders on a regular basis and in an appropriate manner 
▪ Assign work packages to the respective project team members 
▪ Help build up a supportive culture of cooperation and teamwork within the project 

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Bachelor in Engineering or similar experience

At least 4 years experience in the automotive or consumer electronics industry in a variety of functions

Subproject leader (e.g. Technical project leader or dicsipline project leader) of minimum 1 completed project of a reasonable size

Has worked as a team member in an international team

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