Simulation engineer in Technology centre Puchov


  1. Creation of Finite Element Models based on the tire specifications or tire sections.
  2. Standard Finite Element Method, Target Approval Simulation of tire performance of Passenger and Light Truck tires.
  3. Evaluation, interpretation and presentation of the simulation results.
  4. Preparation of Passenger and Light Truck Tire FEM models including detailed 3D pattern.
  5. Maintains a well ­established process oriented management system ­ PoMS.
  6. Active contribution to further development of Finite Element Method prediction quality.
  7. Active cooperation in and consulting of Research & Development projects.


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  1. University degree, technical field, mechanical area.
  2. Knowledge of Finite Element Method ( FEM).
  3. Skills with CAD/CAE programs.
  4. Project management experience is welcomed.
  5. English proficiency is necessary.
  6. Flexible thinking and initiative.
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  1. Flexible working hours and home office policy
  2. Personalized career growth – Wide range of trainings – IT skills, language education, soft skills..
  3. Freedom to act within position responsibilities - Let your ideas shape the future
  4. Attendance bonus (900€/year)
  5. Contribution to pension system
  6. Additional salaries (Holiday & Christmas bonuses)
  7. Extra holiday based on length of your stay within Continental
  8. Canteen directly on-site (only 1,20€ per menu)
  9. Financial contributions for baby birth, jubilee, etc.
  10. Purchase of tires for discounted price
  11. Modern work environment, ergonomic equipment (adjustable working table, etc.)
  12. Financial support for relax and wellness activities


Salary: based on performance, experience, skills, and competencies of a candidate.

Starting salary for fresh graduate: app. 1600€ brutto (plus additional bonuses).


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As one of the leading automotive suppliers worldwide, we develop products and solutions to fulfill people´s dreams of mobility every day. Driver safety, comfort, sustainability and industrialization of future technology are just some of our key fields where we already make a meaningful difference in people`s lives. Knowing our innovations help to make the world a better and safer place is what drives us.

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