BT Leader (2W)


Overall responsibility to assist evaluating, planning, leading, organising and controlling the Section, resources, processes and systems in production in order to ensure the highest level of safety, quality and productivity. Responsible for compliance with all regulatory and company rules and regulations regarding safety and health.

Planning, leading, organising and controlling of daily activities in BT to achieve required volume and orders using SFI and CBT process
Daily and weekly reviewing of inefficiencies and losses within his BT together with corrective actions to improve and sustain results, focusing on TEEP 
Daily planning and allocation of resources within CBT to ensure that objectives are met.

Scrap attack leader for responsible area
Ensure that quality standards and procedures are followed during shift to produce good quality products
Ensure that 3 why and problem solving is applied when goals are not met.
Ensure that all WI, SOPs and quality control plans are completed and checked during shift
Ensure that non-conforming product is dealt with based on PPE instruction within a timely matter according to applicable procedures. 

Daily management and pre-approval of overtime to ensure OT target are achieved
Management of LDC, MDC and Fixed cost below BG
Monthly headcount planning based on volume requirements.

Responsible to ensure that his subordinates adhere to company policy and regulations by enforcing applicable rules
Responsible to apply required disciplinary procedures with subordinates that does not follow company policy and rules
Responsible to apply PEP for subordinates which are not performing to required standard
Responsible for identifying specific training needs for his team members and ensure the development and training of his people are carried out via support from SFT and HR.

Daily chairing of CBT2 meetings
Take leadership role to achieve all CBT goals and objectives
Completion of daily production reports and corrective actions when goals are not met
Open and clear communication to CBT2 
Actively promote innovation and 5S activities within the area.

Ensuring that all Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Management System conform with requirments of International Standard (ISO9001,IATF16949,ISO14001 and ISO45001) by adhering to clause related to Roles & Responsibilities.



1) Minimum a Bachelor Degree in Business/ Engineering/Manufacturing field.

2) Minimum 8 years experience in Manufacturing Production environment.

3) Hold leadership position for at least 5 years. Understanding of 7 leadership principles.



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