Head of Controlling (Plant Controller)


The mission of the position is to plan, coordinate and control all controlling activities in order to meet budget and controlling targets (e.g. cost transparency and optimization, budgeting, reporting, etc.). Furthermore, the Head of Controlling initiates and implements action plans for continuous improvement of all controlling relevant processes.

  • End-to-end process effectiveness & efficiency
  • Budget to actual cost
  • Cost, Productivity and Efficiency metrics against world class benchmarks
  • Cost savings from improvement initiatives
  • Speed and accuracy of reports
  • Audit results
  • Compliance effectiveness

General Management and Strategy

▪ Manage and coordinate all controlling activities for the plant
▪ Translate plant controlling strategy into action plans and ensure implementation
▪ Contribute to strategic and operative planning of the plant/operations unit (e.g. with respect to investments, capacity and headcount planning)
▪ Ensure the achievement of controlling targets according to internal and external customer expectations
▪ Initiate and implement continuous improvement activities by applying CBS methods and training measures
▪ Initiate and control investments for controlling equipment (e.g. training materials, external trainings, etc.)
▪ Interface to segment, BU or BA functions in order to gather local controlling requirements and demands and other feedback
▪ Participate in and/or steer global or local controlling related and cross-functional projects
▪ Conduct employee dialogues, personnel development and coaching

Financial Management

▪ Prepare, review and manage the budget and forecast of controlling cost centers
▪ Implement and conduct activities according to the budget established
▪ Ensure that the financial goals are met 

Project Management

▪ Develop and implement action plans to meet the plant’s operational targets, strategic goals and customer/market requirements

Finance and Controlling

▪ Ensure and apply Continental finance and accounting guidelines and ensure implementation and conformity with all Continental controlling systems, tools, standards and processes with high data quality and transparency
▪ Ensure production controlling according to standards (production order controlling, production parameters like scrap and utilization, shift model review, support of standard costs calculation, support of plant variation analysis, support of cost center controlling all areas)
▪ Ensure investment controlling (valid for local investments e.g. infrastructure) according to standards (preparation of financial analysis supporting investment and eCRs, management of plant invest budget)
▪ Ensure personnel controlling according to standards (evaluation of staffing utilization, shift model analysis (variations) as input for production planning, fix HC planning and allocation, ePRs)
▪ Ensure logistics controlling if needed (according to plant size) according to standards (inventory analysis and reporting - WOC, special freights, ICO business like transfer price calculation, equalization).


▪ Support monthly closing and report monthly according to standards
▪ Prepare standard reports to plant and business management
▪ Prepare and review monthly results (e.g. P&L)
▪ Prepare budget and forecasts based on production volumes
▪ Analyze variations/operational and non-operational effects

KPIs and Plant Performance

▪ Ensure supervision of plant key performance data and business processes
▪ Implement KPI methodology and plant scorecard tool in the plant
▪ Perform regular KPI-reviews 

Training and Coaching

▪ Ensure the availability of qualified employees for the controlling function in cooperation with plant HR
▪ Initiate and control the continuous qualification of controlling employees in cooperation with plant HR


▪ Ensure local implementation of central controlling standards
▪ Provide feedback and input for further development of standards regarding controlling processes (e.g. accounting process, monthly/yearly closing, methods, IT tools, etc.) to segment, BU or BA functions .





  • Products, systems and technologies (functionalities and applications)
  •  Finance and controlling management (policies, systems and processes)
  • Cost and financial accounting
  • Finance and controlling IT systems (e.g. SAP R/3, S/4, etc.)
  • Quality management (including quality policies, systems and processes)
  • Local language & culture (intercultural sensitivity)
  • Problem solving and decision making tools and techniques as well as total cost management
  • Lean production/CBS principles, methods and tools (e.g. production management system) 
  • Communication techniques (incl. presentation, change management, negotiation and conflict resolution techniques)
  • Leadership & management skills (incl. team-building, delegation, performance management and people development techniques)
  • Project management skills, tools and techniques.

Education / Certification

  • ▪ university degree, preferably in business administration, accounting, finance, controlling or related discipline (depending on plant size)

Professional Experience

  • ▪ 5 or more years of professional experience in various finance and controlling functions
  • ▪ cross functional experience e.g. in production, supply chain, quality or CBS preferred.

Project and/or Process Experience

  • ▪ initial experience in rubber and plastic production processes

Leadership Experience

  • ▪ 3 or more years in a leadership position, preferably in operational units with functional and disciplinary responsibility for other individuals.

Intercultural / International Experience

  • ▪ experience in working with international teams on production topics and understanding of foreign cultures
  • ▪ proficient in minimum 2 languages, English or German is mandatory




At Continental we are committed to building an inclusive and discrimination-free ecosystem in Mexico, these principles are rooted in our corporate philosophy and culture. Therefore, it is totally forbidden to request a pregnancy or HIV test as part of our selection processes.

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Continental desarrolla tecnologías y servicios vanguardistas para la movilidad sostenible e interconectada de personas y bienes. Fundada en 1871, la empresa de tecnología ofrece soluciones seguras, eficientes, inteligentes y asequibles para vehículos, máquinas, tráfico y transporte. En 2020, Continental generó ventas por 37 700 millones de euros y actualmente emplea a unas 193 000 personas en 58 países y mercados. En 2021, la empresa celebra su 150.o aniversario.  El área de negocio Autonomous Mobility and Safety desarrolla, produce e integra tecnologías de seguridad activas y pasivas y controla la dinámica de los vehículos. La cartera de productos abarca desde sistemas de control de frenos y chasis electrónicos e hidráulicos hasta sensores, sistemas avanzados de asistencia al conductor, electrónica y sensores de airbags, sistemas electrónicos de suspensión neumática y sistemas de limpieza de parabrisas y faros. Autonomous Mobility and Safety tiene un alto nivel de conocimientos en materia de sistemas de interconexión de componentes individuales. Como resultado, los productos y las funciones del sistema se crean siguiendo la cadena de efectos “SensePlanAct” (sentir, planificar, actuar). Esto hace que conducir sea más seguro y fácil, y abre camino hacia la movilidad autónoma.


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