Project Principal Engineer, Display Solution, BA UX


As Resident Engineer: 

  • Obtain, clarify and negotiate automotive requirements with Japanese Customer
  • Support actively the verification and release process for UX customer product (display solution)
  • Support identification, handling and acquisition of additional UX business with customer
  • Support UX product design department to confirm requirements with vehicle design department, verify vehicle specifications and issue change requests
  • Support creation of material for regulation&compliance certification
  • Prepare and organise regular meetings between customer and product design team
  • Support VA/VE discussion between product design department and customer
  • Responsible for styling design, mounting study and other technical topics confirmation and negotiation with other departments
  • Responsible for verification in the CAD (CATIA) system 
  • Support the design review on vehicle level 
  • Responsible for the design review of the UX product 
  • Responsible for the review of the requirement specifications
  • Organize evaluation and confirm UX product functionality in the car and on bench
  • Support verification and release of vehicle repair and owners’ manual


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

  1. Bachelor or Master's degree in Engineering, required
  2. 3+ years of progressive automotive industry experience; design & technical requirements
  3. Deep knowledge of automotive technology and good understanding of systems engineering and passenger vehicles cockpit
  4. Capability to analyze technical problems including problem solving methods (5Why,FTA)
  5. Process & Tool experience on change-, version- and req. management (CMMi, Spice, Doors)
  6. Embedded development experience
  7. Pro-activeness & respond in a timely manner to critical items
  8. Understanding of the customers and user needs and problems in automotive environment
  9. Planning and Organization skills
  10. Excellent communication & presentation skills (English required, Japanese required)
  11. Ability to self-organize and self-manage tasks within scope given by management
  12. Flexibility for frequent business travel
  13. Experience with Toyota Group processes and structures would be advantage


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