Resident Engineer


Responsible for the System Application Engineering.
Product Architecture Building.
Integration of disciplinary requirements (EE, ME, SW, Algo) into the product system.
Creating and implementing system test strategy.
Leading Requirements Engineering.
Supporting acquisitions as main technical interface.
Failure analysis support.
Innovation and IP building.

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Carrying out system enginneering discipline of SAS ADS application projects and guarantee successful Release plan, delta PV, Safe Launch & PPAP run.
▪  Deliver Sys Work Products in time according to project and release plan .
▪  Product Architecture Building
▪  Lead the requirements Engineering for ADS product design and design freeze.
▪  Management of requirements and implement changes requests in Specifications
▪  Integration of disciplinary requirements (EE, ME, SW, Algo) into the product system.
▪  Creating system test strategy
▪  Creating system test spec and implementing system test.
▪  Follow PLC and the required discipline work products.
▪  Perform risk management in alignment with PMs and disciplines.
▪  Provide efficient communication to all disciplines and customer.
▪  Promotion of our products at the customer side.
▪  Foster positive customer cooperation and make customer happy and confident with Continental.
▪  Failure analysis and A3 reporting.▪ Develop own competence (Knowledge, experience, capability) to fulfill project demand
▪ Solve the technical problems independentdly or limited support
▪ Constantly improve knowledge and experience on own field▪ Follow  Development process
▪ Optimise current working method to improve efficiency and quality.
▪ Coordinate lessons learned activities and define / implement improvement measures▪ Provide training to other displine engineers when necessary.
▪ Pursue continuous Improvement and Lessons Learned.
▪ Participation in development of new patents and solutions

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▪ Product Life Cycle (applying, tayloring)
▪ Risk Management
▪ Change Management
▪ Release & Review Management
▪ Technical Project coordination
▪ Commercial and quality communciation
▪ Process Tools and Guidelines: TS16949, PPAP, FMEA, 8DTechnical Knowledge
▪ Strong/solid knowledge on system architecture and system integration of other discipline requirements
▪ Can judge advantages/ disadvantages of different technologies and relate them to the project targets (invest cost vs. Leadtimes, product costs, quality status)
▪ Engineering knowledge over different disciplines
▪ Evaluate the maturity of the engineering solutions System Tool Know-How (CANalyzer / CANoe, IBS BusVisualizer)Analytic thinking, problem solving, risk managementRE Tools: PLC, Sharepoint, Doors, IMSKnowledge of BU Product Portfolio, Development Process, Testing ProcessesFluent Technical and Business communication skills in English and Chinese.

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CCTC, Continental Changchun Technology Center, located on Tianqing Road of Jingyue Development Zone, Changchun City, with a building area of 18,886 square meters. CCTC is Continental’s largest R&D center in northern China.

   Continental Changchun Technical Center always takes improving road safety as its mission, with the vision of zero fatalities, zero injuries, and zero accidents, to provide customers with quality automotive products and services. More than 400 R&D talents are currently working at CCTC, developing innovative products for the Asian automotive market. Talents’ competencies cover software, algorithms, hardware, electronics, mechanical, et cetera, helping to form CCTC’s leading position in domestic and worldwide product development technology.

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