Environmental Protection Officer (TM)


Legal & Corporate Compliance:

  • Advise plant and company management on all aspects of environmental protection;
  • Initiate the approval process with authorities for all matters requiring permits; ensure that all permits are obtain/reviewed on time;
  • Monitor compliance with current ESH legislation, with Continental's internal regulations, and provide expertise on how this legislation and regulations can be met;
  • Keep track of the rules and regulations under current legislative procedures and evaluate their possible effects on the site;
  • Assess compliance with environmental protection standards and regulations when new techniques/ equipment is introduced;
  • Designated as Waste Manager- ensure that all legal requirements regarding the waste management are met;
  • Perform on time all reports and monitoring;
  • Measurements required by the legislation and the environmental permit (e.g., monthly reports to AFM, reports to APM such as: Waste, packaging and VOC evidence etc).

Process and procedures:

  • Develop and maintain appropriate environmental policies, procedures and work instructions
  • Regularly monitor EMS implementation and ongoing improvement;
  • Ensure that personnel are properly instructed and trained in environmental protection rules;
  • Presentation of ISO14001 Management review for top management;
  • Provide expertise and support in the planning and execution of investments in environmental protection;
  • Detection of all necessary corrective and preventive actions (e.g., from audits, inspections, or reviews) in an overview document and monitoring of their implementation.


  • Develop and communicate methods of raising employee’s awareness;
  • Responsible to represent Continental at authorities concerning environmental protection;
  • Responsible to report to Environment Corporate (Automotive division) all ESH relevant data: parameters, documents, etc in specific tools: SharePoint and SOFI;

Chemical substances management:

  • Approve in CEOS all chemical substances purchased in the company;
  • Review the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) to ensure that the legal requirements are met;
  • Create/review Operating Instructions and ensure that are posted at the working stations;
  • Maintain the Chemical Substances Database.


  • Expert on environmental protection;
  • English- Advanced;
  • MS Office- Advanced;
  • Degree in engineering or natural sciences;
  • 3 years of experience in the field of environmental protection;
  • 3 years of experience in industry.


What we offer:

  • Pay for Performance:
  • Achievement Bonuses and Rewards;
  • Relocation Bonus for non-Timisoara Residents;
  • Recommendation Bonuses for new team members;
  • Flexibility Program including flexible hours, mobile work and sabbaticals.


  • Health & Wellness (Private Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Sport activities etc.);
  • Different discounts (glasses, tires, medical, shopping);
  • In-house restaurant & coffee corners.

Life-Long Learning:

  • Technical, Soft Skills & Leadership trainings;
  • Dedicated Programs and Conferences;
  • Free Language Courses (English, German, French etc);
  • Access to e-learning platforms;
  • Career development opportunities (local and international);
  • Internal development communities (Experts, Agile Community of Practice, Artificial Intelligence etc).

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