Production Supervisor _Mixing


Help Section Manager to manage section production area in order to ensure production volume and quality up to meeting with company requirements



Required Knowledge:
1. advanced section processing knowledge
2. advanced ISO &TS knowledge, quality problem solving tools like 8D, 5-why, pareto, check list etc.,
3. advanced good office application ability and general management knowledge,
4. basic chemical knowledge and English communication skill

Minimum Required Experience:
1.Certification: college degree with major in chemistry or adjacent to chemistry
2. Professional experience: 5 years manufacturing experiences
3. Project and/or Process experience: 2 years cold preparation or manufacturing experience in tire plant
4. Leadership Experience: managing a team for at least 2.5 year

Areas of Responsibility:
1. Output:
▪ support manager to manage output of his respective area up to requirements by size and on time
▪ help manage stock of the respective section to avoid shortage and overproduction of products
▪ ensure machine material availability, employee competency to fulfill output
2. Quality:
▪ scrap reduction from the respective section. Define measures to achieve the target and carrying out
▪ ensure machine material suitability, employee competency to fulfill quality
▪ support manager for improvement on the complaint from next process or customer
3. People:
▪ carrying out all the actions needed to keep and improve the competency of the people of his respective area
4. Efficiency &Cost:
▪ be responsible for productive efficiency of his respective section. Define measures to improve process to maximum utilization rate of machine and eliminate all kinds of waste.
▪ be responsible for the respective section's cost. Set up budget and define control measure to carry out the plan.
5. ESSH:
▪ issue procedures and work instructions, ensure implementation of measures, and maintain controls
▪ raise awareness, ensure regular ESH training and provide information about ESH responsibilities and duties
▪ ensure immediate notification and response, and initiate preventive measures in case of unsafe or polluting hazards
▪ demonstrate exemplary personal behavior in ESH and motivate others



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