Tires Manufacturing IT Trainee


> Trainee Program for high potentials in Tire Manufacturing IT.

> Local processes in the Plant (Full)
▪ Introduction to technologies and machines in PLT/CVT Plant - department rotation, a profound introduction into plant operations, production processes and IT systems
▪ 4 month shop floor experience including 2 weeks shift work
▪ Manufacturing/Engineering/IT projects within the plant (min. 2) including PROMT training
• Working together with local Business Partners throughout the program

> IT Systems (Full)
• Introduction to IT Concepts, Manufacturing Systems, and Systems Interfaces - develop understanding of the data flow, capabilities and limitations of standard IT systems.
• Training with data analysis and software development tools and practices (SQL, Visual Studio, Tableau, Qlik, etc.)
• IT Project coordination to ensure requirements of Shop Floor and IT
• Training in technical problem solving

> Trainee Pool (Shared)
▪ Project based training and assignments in a group of Manufacturing and Engineering, R&D and Manufacturing Controlling Trainees
▪ 1 individual assignment in Manufacturing/Engineering or IT
▪ 1 group assignment of in Manufacturing/Engineering or IT
▪ 1 Global Business Assignment (group assignment in cooperation with M&E, R&D and Controlling Trainee Pools)
▪ Technical Training of Tire Technology, Tire Development and Tire Production
▪ Soft skill trainings: Intercultural Training, CBS Training, Teambuilding
▪ The trainee pool is self organized as a PROMT project 阅读更多


> Fluent English
> Education - Bachelor degree in Engineering or Computer Science or comparable qualification (e.g. IT specialists, graduates from technical high/secondary/vocational schools with 2-3 years working experience in the following fields Production Processes, Databases & Data Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Programming)

> Working Experience - After Bachelor degree Internships in Manufacturing/Engineering/IT desirable
If IT specialists or graduates from technical high/secondary/vocational schools min. of 2-3years work experience is required 阅读更多


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Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2021, Continental generated sales of €33.8 billion and currently employs more than 190,000 people in 58 countries and markets. On October 8, 2021, the company celebrated its 150th anniversary. With its premium portfolio in the car, truck, bus, two-wheel and specialty tire segment, the Tires group sector stands for innovative solutions in tire technology. Intelligent products and services related to tires and the promotion of sustainability complete the product portfolio. For specialist dealers and fleet management, Tires offers digital tire monitoring and tire management systems, in addition to other services, with the aim of keeping fleets mobile and increasing their efficiency. With its tires, Continental makes a significant contribution to safe, efficient and environmentally friendly mobility. 阅读更多

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