FH_202406_73_Customer Logistics & Production Planning Engineer

Tvoji zadaci

▪Dispatching customer orders/primary requirements ,make /adjust production plan in order to meet customer demand.

▪Ensure timely dispatch and delivery reliability to the customer to achieve optimum inventory levels

▪Working on the design of logistics and transport concepts with the customer in the area of logistics process planning, packaging planning and transport handling in order to safeguard the delivery process and minimize process costs.

▪Actively contributing to cooperation with all others involved and with interface partners and forwarding all relevant information to keep themselves and others informed and create an optimum logistics chain.

▪Working on introduction and phase-out project to ensure a timely introduction and phase-out of finished goods.

▪Confirm figures about production.

▪Enter and update related data in ERP/SAP system.

▪Other temporary tasks assigned by Logistics or Group Manager

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Tvoj profil

  • Bachelor degree or higher in Engineering, Logistics, Production, Manufacturing  or equivalent.
  • 1-3 years of working experiences in logistics, especially in manufacture.
  • Familiar with SAP is preferred.
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