Production Team Leader

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Meet the expectations and needs of customers, with deliveries on time, as well as with the necessary quality of the products offered.
Develop Work Plans to promote continuous improvement, using lean manufacturing tools
Design, develop and implement production strategies to improve the efficiency of the production process. Maintain focus on improvement 
in the processes 900% of your time on the floor and 10% in administrative tasks

Coordinate the personnel in charge to meet the objectives of production, Safety, Quality, Delivery, Rotation, Absenteeism, Overtime and 

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Engineering or Bachelor's Degree Completed

3 years of experience in similar position (automotive)

Experience in production processes, knowledge of automotive quality standards, personnel management, desirable experience in development 
of improvement projects, under the methodology of CBS

Management and direction of personnel, with a maximum of 200 operators, Management of improvement projects greater than one year

Knowledge in quality tools (A3-5w-Hisikawa)

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