Local Manufacturing Application Technician

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1. Identify and check production requirements base on 8D, QAlert, process improvement, etc.. 
2. Provide ample information to support traceability requirement of a request before project development. 
3. Perform  daily operation support with regards to LMA/ MES traceability.
4. Perform setup, configuration for project implementation and testing with regards to LMA/ MES.
5. Comply with IT controls, procedures and policies


1. Configuring computer hardware, operating systems and applications
2. Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks, patches and image backup
3. Troubleshooting system and network incidents and/or diagnosing and solving hardware or software faults; replacing parts as required
4. Supporting the roll-out of new systems, e.g Applications, strategies or procedures
5. Maintaining data retention, backup and restore policies and procedures
6. Communicating with endusers through a series of actions, either face to face or over the telephone or email to help set up systems or resolve incidents and providing procedural documentation and relevant reports
7. Responding to endusers requests and incidents within service level agreement
8. Working continuously on a task until completion (or referral to third parties, if appropriate)


1. Support cost targets of the segment team.

1. Learn and understand fully the basics of the LMA/ MES System.
2. Learn to develop tools in which to address issues of the production
3. Learn and understand the manufacturing process and flow of the assigned segment.

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Tvoj profil

  • Microsoft Windows Environment (configuration, troubleshooting, handle event monitoring, install, setup)
    • Scope: Process
    • Level: Basic
  • Computer Networking (configuration, troubleshooting, handle event monitoring)
    • Scope: Process
    • Level: Basic
  • Sequential Query Language (able to identify table, able to perform simple select, insert, update, delete)
    • Scope: Process
    • Level: Basic
  • Computer Programs (able to read , troubleshoot,  debug source codes like C#, CVI, Visual basics)
    • Scope: Process
    • Level: Basic
  • Microsoft Office (able to create and utilize for reporting and documentation)
    • Scope: Process
    • Level: Advanced
  • Problem Solving and Root cause Analysis
    • Scope: Manufacturing
    • Level: Basic
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We make individual mobility safer, more comfortable and more sustainable. As a partner to the automotive industry, Continental develops and manufactures components, modules and systems. The safety and comfort of road users are at the center of our work. In addition, we develop ever more products which contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing fuel consumption. Continental is one of the five largest automobile suppliers worldwide. Our development centers and production facilities are located where our customers are, so we are always nearby – worldwide. Many of our business units have excellent competitive positions: We are number one worldwide for foundation brakes, safety electronics, telematics, vehicle instrumentation, and fuel supply systems, and number two for electronic brake systems and brake boosters. We are the fourth worldwide for tires and are the European market leader for passenger and light truck tires, winter tires, and industrial tires. Our ContiTech division is the world market leader for foils used in vehicle interiors, conveyor belts, as well as for air springs used in rail transportation technology. The Plant is certified on TS 16949, ISO 14001, ANSI  ESD S.20-2007, IEC 61340-5-1:2007.

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