Head of NPL

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The Operations NPL Manager leads and manages the NPL group, budget and functionality.  Responsible for the specific input and output from the discipline in support of achieving project team objectives and targets. Interphase between Customer , Bussiness Unit and Plant NPL Team

Main Tasks:

▪  Participate in the quotation team (If assigned during this phase).
▪  Develop operations quotes for industrialization based upon product requirement, lean principles, robust processesPerformes the following "Project Management and Launch" tasks within the scope of the Operations Discipline
▪    Define launch and operation  project targets               
▪    Selecting NPL team members in conjunction with the line management                
▪    Establish adequate project organization (meeting structure, information/ knowledge exchange, documentation, archiving).                
▪    Help build up a supportive culture of cooperation and teamwork within the project and Plant Departments            
▪    Tailor optional activities according to the projects needs and ensure compliance to the processes.              
▪    Develop and maintain the Launch and Operations Plan in accordance with the valid processes (phases, deliverables, gates, etc.)  thoughout life of project. Achieving the agreed operations objectives.                
▪    Perform Risk Management activities, control and steer the implementation of risk items within the NPL group and functional deparments involved in operations.
       Ensure compliance to our internal standars ( Launch and Operations)▪  Lead and steer completion of activities within NPL group  and Operations  to meet the specific, cost, timing, and quality  requirements as directed from the Project Manager
▪    Responsible for specific decisions in Project Management and Operations (Launch and Make)Timing Control:
- Coordinate and control NPL team activities, track the project progress, define corrective measures, if deviating form the
   Project Plan.
Cost Control:
- Track eCR spends are aligned with approved authorizations and/or budgets for all projects
- Insure other costs labor, ramp-up costs are per approved Project Plan, eCR, and Budget
- Eliminate/ Minimize Excess and Obsolete Material associated with the product change / launch
Quality Control:
- Coordinate the Development of line concepts in conjunction with plant wide & central  support organizations.
- Ensure compliance to Lean concepts, robust processes
- Project Management of line industrialization that meets cycle time, product and process requirements
- Driving NPL builds to completion and resolving open issues▪ Regularly report the Lauch Performance and Operation status in accordance with the valid tool and process set
- Provide updates of BU Project status and potential needs to Focus Factory Manager and, Operations within BU and Segment Heads                    
▪ Escalate issues Focus Factory Manager, Operations Management, affected Quality, Suppliers and  Customer, if necessary (with Plant Manager)▪    Provide Lessons Learned and share Experience Data                
▪   Provide process improvements for his/her area of responsibility                
▪   Manage PLC  maintenance▪   Representation of Launch and Operations in customer meetings
▪   Representation of project-interests in operations meetings.
▪   Support Project Change and Problem Control Activity, including problem resolution activities,  based on feasibility considering timing, cost, quality, risk.
▪   Support APQP Activities
▪   Communication of Launch and Operations Performance to General Management (internal and external)Customer requirements and other certifications: Participates actively in activities, audits, fulfillment and compliance with procedures to an extend required by the role and/or stated in our management system. Understand the policies objectives of the management system. Stop the production process, if the product integrity is at risk.

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Tvoj profil

Education / Certification Bachelors degree in a related field (engineering / sciences)

Professional Experience Al least 4 years experience in the automotive or consumer electronics industry in a variety of functions.

Project and/or Process Experience

Communication skills
Presentation skills
Ability to complete task with minimal supervision
Organizational and time management skills

Leadership Experience At least 2 years in a leadership position, preferably in operational units with direct and indirect
   responsibility for other individuals

Intercultural / International Experience International Cooperation
- Knowledge of English
- Knowledge of foreign language (depending on international team)

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In Continental we are committed to an inclusive and non-discriminatory culture, we will never require a HIV or pregnancy test as a part of our selection process.

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Continental desarrolla tecnologías y servicios vanguardistas para la movilidad sostenible e interconectada de personas y bienes. Fundada en 1871, la empresa de tecnología ofrece soluciones seguras, eficientes, inteligentes y asequibles para vehículos, máquinas, tráfico y transporte. En 2021, Continental generó ventas por 33 800 millones de euros y actualmente emplea a más de 190 000 personas en 58 países y mercados. El 8 de octubre de 2021, la empresa celebró su 150.o aniversario.El sector del grupo Automotive incluye tecnologías para sistemas de seguridad pasiva, frenos, chasis, movimiento y control de movimiento. La cartera también cuenta con soluciones innovadoras para la conducción asistida y automatizada, tecnologías de visualización y operación, soluciones de audio y cámara para el interior del vehículo, así como con tecnología inteligente de información y comunicación para los servicios de movilidad de operadores de flotas y fabricantes de vehículos comerciales. La gama de productos y servicios se completa con actividades integrales relacionadas con tecnologías de conectividad, electrónica de vehículos y computadoras de alto rendimiento.

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