Inter - Ing. gestion empresarial -- Reduction of Excess & Obsolete in

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- E&O improvement process - reduce 10% at Plant level.
- Improve up to 85-90% of Slow movers’ materials into the Corporate Tool for opportunities in transfers/reductions.
- Plant Blocked stock improvement of 15%.
- Update of internal documents for E&O Plant Management.

- Project Management.
- Materials Management, Standards of Automotive Industry, Suppliers Management, and communication/soft skills.
- SAP ERP management and Corporate SCM-Automotive systems.
- Communication thru several areas inside and outside Nogales Plant.

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- E&O maintenance, consolidation and follow up in the Slow mover Tool.
- Support E&O (analysis, ICO transfers, ECOS opportunities, scrap) periodic analysis per BU.
- Report and support on Plant Blocked stock KPI with owners.
- Esign creations for material disposition approvals.
- Elaborate Shipping Authorization.

Responsible: Javier Castillo

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The Interior division specializes in information management. It develops and produces network, information and communication solutions and services for cars and commercial vehicles. This enables and optimizes the control of the complex flow of information between the driver, passengers and the vehicle as well as mobile devices, other vehicles and the outside world. The focus is on systems integration. In addition, the Interior division is involved in cross-sector collaborations with leading companies. Čitajte više