WUI-RD-REP Mechanical Engineer 机械工程师(芜湖)

Tvoji zadaci

1.Department / Location
▪ Unique knowledge in particular area(s)
▪ Consulting function for dept manager and to some extent for other depts
▪ Giving presentations within location
▪ Impact on decision making: internally (dept. level and for some projects)

2.Driving Innovation
▪ Technical / Business solutions and support in strategies to reach annual targets and beyond
▪ Improvement of existing products / processes
▪ Know the trends in own competency field internally and externally
▪ Create specifications in tenders and processes if applicable
▪ Guide and support projects and product development
▪ Core team member of project

3.Knowledge Sharing
▪ Continuously secure state of the art technology / business procedures, etc. by further studies, training, etc.
▪ Participate in knowledge sharing (ExAS, ContiPedia, specialists meetings, plant visits, etc.)
▪ Knowledge management (record keeping of knowledge)
▪ Act as an ambassador at fairs, universities lectures, etc. (depending on recruiting activities, university agreements, etc.)

▪ Train and guide new employees within specialist field (4 Star Trainer - over 24 training hrs per year, average score per course: 80)

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Tvoj profil

1.English (CET-6/PETS-4) -Advanced
2.Communication skills Training-Expert
3.Unique knowledge in a certain area (state-of-the-art)-Expert
4.Negotiation skills Training (2 days course)-Advanced
5.Product / Customer / Process knowledge (e.g. certificate in ProE, Catia ...)-Advanced
6.Finance Management for Non-Finance employees (external training)-Advanced
7.Knowledge management (External training)-Advanced
8.FMEA (Production or Engineering - several internal trainings)-Advanced
9.Project Management (if required MS-Project)-Advanced
10.Training Skills - Mandatory-Advanced

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O nama

科技公司德国大陆集团成立于1871年,为车辆、机械设备、交通及运输领域提供安全、高效、智能且经济适用的解决方案。2021年大陆集团销售额为338亿欧元。目前集团在全球员工数量超过192,000 名,遍及58个国家和地区。大陆集团于2021年庆祝公司成立150周年,大陆中国于2022年荣膺“中国杰出雇主”。


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