CHIPS Developer

Náplň práce

Algo Development experience :
    · 5 - 6 years of experience in image pre processing
    · Understanding of ISP for Renesas or TI platforms.
    · Good C/C++ Hands-on (Matlab is only additional advantage)
    · Hands-on Experience on "Lens distortion"
    · Image pre processing Techniques ( minimum 3 years of working experience) / Good understanding of  Image quality
    · OpenCV / Intel Intrinsics / Python(additional advantage)
    · Knowledge on Embedded HW is additional advantage
Tools Experience :
•    IDE: VisualStudio/Eclipse/Matlab/Pycharm
•    Version control tool: Git
•    Image processing libraries : OpenCV

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Čo ponúkame

Responsibilities :
    - Contribute to the development and execution of ISP development portfolio/roadmap
    - Design & Development as per BU processes, Reuse and adaptation of existing SW components
    - Algo Design, Source Code writing
    - Debugging
    - Quality
    - Carry out the necessary documentation, reviews, evaluation metrics and quality tests for the developed components/features

Deliverables :

    - ISP outputs with desired component quality for computer vision


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