SAM Sales_WEST_Sales Manager

Náplň práce


 Maintain Customer's forecast information database and keep budgeted annual revenue


Plan and proactively implement profit enhancement activity


Lead internal stakeholders and execute sales activity process together with PjM and stakeholders
Create sales activity for Global JOEM business together with regional  sales

<New Business/Product/Technology>

   Ensure Order Intake target
   Promote new technology and agree introduction plan with customer
   Define market and customer demand clearly

<External/Internal Relations>

 Conduct regular base communication/meetings with customer    Purchasing & R&D
 Conduct Management Meeting with customer Purchasing as well as R&D every half year
    Manage and attend Customer Management's trip 
    Manage Tech Ride event together with R&D



Receive customer's complain firstly as window
Manage monetary solution together with Quality Manager to satisfy with customer


<Talent Development>

Using OJT to ensure members to learn fundamental sales activities
Motivate members to grow up
Utilize internal training opportunities
Conduct continuous follow-up coaching

<Organization Building/Support>

Lead cross-sectional meeting, workshop, etc.
Exchange information with other region

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Profil kandidáta

1) Customer Knowledge (JOEM)

2) Overall Market Knowledge

3)Business level of English Speaking/Writing/Reading ability

4) Native  level of Japanse Speaking/Writing/Reading ability

5) Presentation skill

6) Negotiation skill


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***コンチネンタルで働くことにご興味のある方は、 オンラインよりご応募下さい***

***コンチネンタルで働くことにご興味のある方は、 オンラインよりご応募下さい***

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