Software Engineer Intern (IDA: 2024-00039)

Náplň práce

As a team member of Research and Advanced Engineering team, you will be involved in the software development of innovative system solutions, for example the integration of innovative sensing technologies with specific focus on future solutions for both the Autonomous and Passenger vehicles or robots.

Intern would be working together with the innovation team in the following tasks:

a. Develop software applications and necessary APIs.

b. Rapid prototype developments.

c. Design, implement, test and deploy prototype to ready solutions from scratch.

d. Perform technical self-research to identify solutions and diagnostics for troubleshooting.

e. Conduct site survey, collect data and perform test procedures

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Profil kandidáta

a. Familiar with programming languages C/C++,Python, Java, C# or etc

b. Experience with embedded development kit such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266, STM32, etc

c. Experience with mobile apps development or object-oriented programming

d. Experience with sensor module such as IMU, GPS, Lidar, Camera, ToF, RF-GSM, WiFi, BLE, etc

e. Added Advantages with experience in HTTP, REST API, Bluetooth/BLE protocol, MQTT

f. Good communication skills, fluent in English, both written and oral.

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Ready to drive with Continental? Take the first step and fill in the online application.

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