Process Engineer - Bellow

Náplň práce

  • Support of assigned production facilities, continuous analysis of production equipment effectiveness (OEE). 

  • Analysis of deviations from OEE key figures (availability, performance, quality). 

  • Definition of measures and implementation of these for continuous optimization or compliance with the OEE key figures. 

  • Reporting of the OEE status and presentation of the measures. 

  • Planning and implementation of measures for the optimization of production-lines and -processes, rebuild of production-lines, extensions to new products and the procurement of new production-lines, assembly equipment, operating aids and the necessary product-specific production tools. 
    Execution usually with the responsible PLC engineer. 

  • Definition and development of measures with regard to mechanical and control aspects, taking into account occupational safety, quality, ergonomics, environmental requirements, cost-effectiveness and effectiveness in cooperation with internal departments and external partners (e.g. suppliers and plant manufacturers). 

  • Formulation of specifications, RfQ to suppliers, quotation evaluation (technical and commercial). 

  • Layout and material flow planning according to the value stream mapping method. 

  • Scheduling and planning of measures and projects in cooperation with production, internal departments and external partners. 

  • Acceptance of the plant modifications or the new plant with regard to the specification agreement. 

  • Creation or updating of the P-FMEA as well as review of it after line or process changes. 

  • Coordination of the necessary approvals of the products for the changes or the new production-lines with the specialist departments (QA, NPL, R&D). 

  • Update of documentation, spare parts lists and stock Spare parts. 

  • Information and support of the internal departments with regard to the creation or updating of maintenance plans, work instructions, production flow plans, process control plans, etc. 

  • Preparation of training documents or training of operators and maintenance. 

  • Release of the production-line with the internal specialist departments, such as occupational safety, production, quality assurance, maintenance, etc. 

  • Effective and timely response to problems and disruptions in production. Definition of immediate and long-term measures for the sustainable safeguarding of production. 

  • Establishing, tracking and adhering to schedules and investment schedules, both for projects and line activities, in collaboration with central IE, launch management, logistics, production and quality assurance.   

  • Definition and validation of process parameters and recipe values, creation or updating of product-specific recipe values. 

  • Determine process parameters for new lines, adapt or optimize them for existing lines if necessary. 

  • Determination of the intervention limits for line operators in response to deviation in raw materials. 

  • Coordination of the required approvals of the products after initial creation or after adjustment of process parameters with the specialist departments (QA, NPL, R&D) 

  • Coordination of preventive and acute maintenance and servicing tasks with maintenance. Professional supervising and support of maintenance. 

  • Support of business case calculations and tracking of invest and production cost development. 

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Profil kandidáta

  • University degree in the technical field (e.g. electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.) 

  • Good technical understanding and manual skills. 

  • Advanced knowledge of manufacturing technologies, systems, infrastructure, standards, and processes. 

  • Advanced knowledge of design, machine-elements and strength of materials theory as well as pneumatic controls a P-FMEA. 

  • Basic knowledge of the logics of control systems (PLC) as well as measuring-systems and thermodynamic-processes. 

  • Basic knowledge regarding the processing and production of rubber products (especially extrusion and vulcanization) 

  • Fundamentals of project- and quality-management methodologies (including tools, policies, systems, and processes) 

  • Problem Solving (e.g. 5 Why, Ishikawa, A3)  

  • Very good knowledge of English 

  • Goal-oriented, flexibility and strong communication skills 

  • Analytical way of thinking and working 

  • Self-initiative and implementation strength 

  • Open to new technologies 

  • Willingness to travel 

  • Team player 

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in manufacturing or in a related industry

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