Payroll Manager

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The Payroll Manager is responsible for leading and managing all activities related to payroll in country level using the Populis and SAP system. He or she works closely with the human resources and finance departments to ensure that payroll is processed accurately and timely.

Some of the key responsibilities include:

  1. Managing and leading the payroll team, setting clear goals and objectives, evaluating performance, and providing regular feedback.
  2. Ensuring that all payroll policies and procedures are up to date and in compliance with local labor and tax laws.
  3. Performing monthly payroll processing for all employees in the organization using the payroll system.
  4. Managing and monitoring benefit contributions, vacation, leave, taxes, and other payroll deductions.
  5. Reviewing and approving payroll before processing to ensure accuracy and data integrity.
  6. Providing payroll reports and analysis to senior management, finance, and human resources.
  7. Managing the administration of retirement and benefit plans, including health, dental, life insurance, and other benefit offerings.
  8. Providing support to employees regarding payroll-related questions and issues.
  9. Collaborating with other departments such as accounting, human resources, and finance to ensure that all payroll-related data and information is accurate and in compliance with local regulations.
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To successfully perform this role, the Payroll Manager must have a deep understanding of the HR systems and team management experience. They must also have knowledge in tax laws and a proven ability in analysis and problem-solving. Additionally, effective communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team are essential to success in this role. Mandatory Fluency in English speaking and writing and Knowledge in SAP implementation



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