Junior Project Manager (Manufacturing) - Tires

Náplň práce

Local functions in the Plant

  • Introduction to technologies and machines in PLT/CVT Plant - department rotation, a deeper introduction to plant operation
  • Introduction to production processes, Rubber Technologies, Material flow
  • Manufacturing/Engineering projects within the plants
  • Continuous improvement
  • Uses the Lean and Kaizen management principles and promotes culture within the team
  • Promotes the Yokoten culture and ensures the implementation and the use of the SPS in his area, both by CBT2 and CBT1 (VRS, A3, 8D…).
  • Encourage a culture focused on PDCA & KPI's.
  • Analyzes problems and develops adequate solutions on tasks given by Direct supervisor
  • Analyze the respect and implementation of standard and propose modification in case of need
  • Follow up machines status, deviation, breakdown, analysis and implement actions to reach the targets defined
  • Coordinates and ensures the development and implementation of new standards / concepts / working methods
  • Ensures the continuous improvement of the scrap process (including POMS documents and RACI charts) and its proper execution
  • Proposes within the BU actions to reduce losses

Trainee Pool

  • Project based training and assignments in a group of Manufacturing Trainees and R&D Trainees
  • Individual assignments from field of R&D and central Manufacturing1 global business assignment
  • Technical Training of Tire Technology, Tire Development and Tire Production
  • Extra-functional training on team building, soft skills.
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Profil kandidáta

  • Profound theoretical background on Engineering (Mechanical, Industrial, Chemical, Electrical);
  • Intercultural experience through international internships or during semester(s) at an university abroad;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Strong ability in analytical/structured thinking;
  • Fluent in English language
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