Open orders, sequence Production; make the Production schedule, and communicate the areas involved. Monitor what is being produced, if it is in accordance with what was programmed. Sequence the production of presses and calender in transaction CM21 Delivery date tracking (OTIF) Assemble detailed programming of the calender, confection, presses and inspection in specific software (Finer) Release, print and deliver production orders and labels to production. Monitor the evolution of production, storage and release of belts (observing the delivery date). Check availability of programming materials (ATP) Planning wire rope set ups, including cable rewinding programming. Evaluate stopped inventory of compounds, seeking alternatives for use with the R&D and Quality areas Maintenance of orders in the system (verification of pending orders) Keep track of Calender Changes updated, in order to monitor the rate of adherence to the plan. Plan, order and monitor customized packaging (Core and steel spools) WIP control (semi-finished) Support in rotating inventories and General Inventory Monitor occupation of the preparation (calender and confection), alert about overload situations Alignment of planning strategies with cell coordinators Seek continuous improvement in its processes Assist with vacation coverage for teammates

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Higher education in Logistics, Business Administration, Foreign Trade, or similar areas. Specialization or post graduation in SCM; COMEX; Logistics; or related areas.

Advanced English.

Experience in Production Planning.

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Despre noi

The ContiTech Sector develops, manufactures and markets intelligent, multi-material industrial and service solutions that respect the environment, making mining, railway engineering, the automotive industry and other important sectors safer and more convenient. Knowing our innovations and helping to make the world a better and safer place is what motivates us.  Knowing our innovations help to make the world a better and safer place is what drives us. 

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