Payment Accountant


<1>Perform Employee Claim application and related supporting auditing base on company policy

<2>Ensure outgoing payment to employee account timely and accurately

<3>Perform employee down payment at closely monitor level

<4>Perform E-cash system maintenance regarding master data

<5>Conduct new employee training regarding how to use E-cash system

<6>Support project officer to roll out E-cash system roll out to whole China

<7>Create vendor for new employees in E-cash

<8>Perform KPI figures such like cycle time, etc

<9>Perform advance payment report, warning staff and follow up twice a month.

<10>Download allowance report to HR monthly.

<11>Perform employee claim's outgoing payment via DB E-Banking.

<12>Perform regularly other employee claim related report

<13>Prepare payment proposal base on AP line item due day

<14>Perform domestic supplier's outgoing payment via DB E-Banking

<15> Ensure all of payment in time and accurately

<16> Perform Bank reconciliation sheet weekly basis(three times in one mont

<17> Perform Cash and liquidity planning to fit for cash pool  management

<18>Ensure internal controls for cash management

<19>Perform regularly high liquidity and cashflow report

<20>Perform BAF reporting for Actual and Forecast

<21> Perform KPI figures such like urgent payment summary, AP overdue(exclude intercompany)

<22>Perform payment question item report and follow up

<23>Perform AP Overdue management to make sure overdue ratio at right level, analyze top 10 vendor overdue reasons

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