Local IT Intern for Computer Equipment Replacement Project


Project: Analysis, implementation and execution of improvements for the process of computer equipment replacement.

Preparation of computer equipment for replacements:

  • Operating system loading,
  • Basic software installation
  • Configuration of docking station
  • Install drivers (BIOS, network, …..)
  • Sending of special software to Portal Manager
  • Download and installation of system patches
  • In special cases help with information backup
  • Registration in control inventories
  • Label computer equipment removed from inventory.
  • Run the scrap process weekly for the  hardware replaced
  • Guide the user before and after the replacement
  • Notification and follow-up to each user
  • Sending of esign for assignment and proof of delivery of computer equipment
  • superseded and obsolete.
  • Management of purchases of replacement computer equipment, from approvals, ticket generation, billing review and registration.
  • Classification of teams by internal project


  • Analysis of the current process and implementation of at least 3 automations to reduce execution time and user response.

Results presentation

  • Present weekly results by creating Power BI dashboards
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Study Background : System Engineering  or regarding Information Technology

Language:  English (Basic Level)


IT Know How:

Hardware: Identify hardware components and devices as well as understand their uses and connection.

Operating Systems: Know the windows OS installations and support.

Software troubleshooting: Kwon ho to troubleshoot computer and mobile devices

Networks: Know the different types of networks and LAN and WAN connections.

Automation: Knowledge of technology and software to perform tasks with little human intervention.

Data Analysis: Knowledge of Data Analysis through interactive interfaces, reports and dashboards.

Other Skills:

  • Customer Support
  • Communications
  • Problem Solution
  • Proactivity
  • Commitment
  • Good attitude to provide service to users
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