Communications Coordinator


-Design and manage internal communication strategies using different communication media.
-Organize integration events for the company.
-Assure that all the communication within the company comply with the internal protocols including culture, values and strategies of Continental Periférico Plant.
-Identify all the internal communication needs through the creation of content, execution of strategies, and development of communication campaigns in order to identify an issue and propose a possible solution through out different communication strategies.
-Determine what will be the needed communication material for each different communication need according to the stratagies.
-Plan, organize and execute all the STAFF Townhall meetings according to the established calendar.
-Cordinates the logistics, execution and coverage of the internal events.
-Establish a yearly budget that can fully cover with all the department needs.
-Do benchmark with different companies to share and compare best practices related to communications.
Systematize the internal communication media such as: Newsletter, Electronic Boards, Kaizala, among others.
-Elaborate the program to celebrate employee's anniversaries (5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years)
-Coolaborate with other teams in their strategic projects and to offer the communication support so they can reach their objectives through our area.
-Execute all the actions that might come from the implementation, maintance and improvement of the management systems (IATF, ISOS, OSHAS, BASC, 5's) and the ones that the company can determine.
-Leads different internal projects / iniciatives
-Coordinate all activities related to Social Responsibility

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- Bachelor's degree in Marketing or organizational communication, or similar with a master´s degree.

-  Minimum 6  years of experience in Comunications area or similar preferably in the automotive industry, manufacturing.

- Advanced English

- People management experience desirable

- Experience in social responsability activities desirable

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Continental desarrolla tecnologías y servicios vanguardistas para la movilidad sostenible e interconectada de personas y bienes. Fundada en 1871, la empresa de tecnología ofrece soluciones seguras, eficientes, inteligentes y asequibles para vehículos, máquinas, tráfico y transporte. En 2021, Continental generó ventas por 33 800 millones de euros y actualmente emplea a más de 190 000 personas en 58 países y mercados. El 8 de octubre de 2021, la empresa celebró su 150.o aniversario.El sector del grupo Automotive incluye tecnologías para sistemas de seguridad pasiva, frenos, chasis, movimiento y control de movimiento. La cartera también cuenta con soluciones innovadoras para la conducción asistida y automatizada, tecnologías de visualización y operación, soluciones de audio y cámara para el interior del vehículo, así como con tecnología inteligente de información y comunicación para los servicios de movilidad de operadores de flotas y fabricantes de vehículos comerciales. La gama de productos y servicios se completa con actividades integrales relacionadas con tecnologías de conectividad, electrónica de vehículos y computadoras de alto rendimiento.

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